Real Life Attributes and skill points

I’ve been playing games – computer games, console games – all my life. And the one that really glued me was the RPG (Role Playing Games) genre. Heck, when I was in primary school, I got myself a whose set of Lone Wolf’s gamebooks where you immerse yourself in a role playing game by flipping pages and rolling dices and scribbling out stats with your pencil – Worth checking out the Wiki here.

When paper and pencils are the thing of the past, comes the digital era where everything is simplified and neatly organized into a so called computer game – which if I may pin-point is the ever popular ‘Fallout 3

But no, we’re not going to talk about games today – but I have this theory – that made me thought “does this really work?” and I have come to the fact realizing it does (however, only time and more experiments will tell whether this really work?).

Let’s say for instance, for a normal person – we have attributes such as…

– Time
– Health
– Wealth
– Happiness
– Family
– Position

and many more, but we shall stick to these first for a beginner understanding.

So per my real life observation – let’s have a look at some of the sample but real characters attributes:

Character 1
A person who have average time to spend, quite good health, average wealth, quite happy, good family, and a low to mid position.

Character 2
A person who have little time to his own, average health, not much money, but quite happy, have a great family, and a pleasant position.

Character 3
A person who have little time to himself, not very good health, a lot of money, not quite happy, troubled family, however is in a high ranking position.

And so the list goes. However you see it you won’t find any person that have everything perfect. I agree, and some of you may have nodded without noticing as well. While most (if not all) of us are saying that this is ‘life’, accept the fact and live on with it… I have come to a sense where alteration is possible – by subtracting your skill point in a specific attributes whether it is money, health, wealth or so on.

Let’s have a look at Character 2 attributes and skill points

I believe that at some point, we’re going to hit our maximum allowed skill points. And then we can no longer increase but just play around with adjusting it to our attributes. Or perhaps we spent the skill points that we earned to a particular attribute unknowingly (what ignorance..) and left another (or several other) attributes with very few points.

Now, character 2 has a very good set of points on most of his attributes – however he lacks wealth, but of course, he have a great family and is very happy with it. Honestly, this was me a few years back. Although I was happy, but there was a glowing frustration because my wealth was low (take note that this frustration does not make me unhappy, it is just a feeling of wanting more).

Stepping aside for a moment – Let’s have a look at Character 3 attributes and skill points instead :

This character doesn’t have points evenly distributed to his attributes. He carries a high ranking position, holds great wealth, all at the expense of time, health, and family – although others may see him happy, but deep inside, he is not. And you know this is true with most of the rich and famous.

So how about Character 1 ?

Character 1 is an average Joe. Not everyone wants to be like him, not that happy but he does get an average dose of everything. Some call it boring, no challenge – but some may love it because it’s quite an easy life (really?). I guess the happy go lucky peeps fall into this type.

Once there was my friend who asked me for my birthdate so they may calculate what fortune which was stored in me. It kept me excited for some time, but it does not compute. Why? Because I know my skill points have been distributed to something else (we are talking about another attributes here eg. communication, management, presentation, etc) therefore with me trying to BE someone which I am not, is ridiculously nearly impossible as there will be a lot of forced skill points transfer that will put a very heavy burden on my shoulder (tried and failed).

However, I do not claim that these are wrong – there are, of course, people with doctorate and master and geniuses and all who have studied and researched with backed up with scientific calculations and such. But however true that is, I don’t believe that you can tell people – pardon me, strangers of their strong attributes by just calculating their birthdates.

If you want to know what their real attributes is, you either need to be someone that is very close to that person, or be that person himself.

So, in order to alter these skill points – you have to identify YOUR points for each of your attributes first.

Then only, we will be able to proceed to the next step – altering these skill points

To be continued.


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