Passive income? Making money?

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This article was originally written in Bahasa Melayu (but was unpublished), however I took a deep breath and re-wrote this back into English as I feel more comfortable doing so and by doing so will attract more visitors and I am able to share this article internationally. So here goes..

Passive income is one of the income that most of us (who knows about it) chase after. In fact, even Robert Kiyosaki (writer of Rich Dad Poor Dad) mentioned that he too have passive income, however this was generated from more than 1500+ units of luxury condominiums and apartments (I know there’s more to this, but of course Mr Robert here would love us to buy his book first before revealing further…)

So what is passive income really?

Well I guess based on Mr Robert example given above, it’s an investment which gives you return or dividend in a periodic manner. If you buy and rented out a house, you would get passive income from the rented unit. If you put your money in some sort of mutual fund / trust, the dividend are too considered as a passive income. Buy gold and keep it for a few years, then sell it off with a higher price – then that’s too considered as a passive income.

Whatever it is, it’s more profitable than saving MONEY. Why? Because money depreciate, it’s not an asset anymore – money becomes a liability. With inflation rising up and cost of living getting more expensive these days, if you saved $10 now, would it still worth $10 in 10 years time? That’s a definite NO.

The way to make sure your money will always be there is to ensure that you’re allocating your money to own an asset. What is an asset? An asset is something that does not take money out from your pocket.

Does properties considered as an asset? Well rented properties yes, but if you bought yourself a house and resides on it, it will become a liability because you’re paying up money more than money coming in.

So don’t save money.. instead, get more assets and you’ll be fine.

Back to the main story at hand. Passive income are easy to find (especially on the internet) but hard to earn profit from. Let me tell you why…

Most people on the internet will woo you by telling how easy it is for you to make money by becoming an investor that provide you with passive income, either paid out weekly, daily, monthly or quarterly, based on their ‘saying’. When there are real business that provides real passive income out there, mostly are scams and just there to collect money from small fishes as yourself. Here’s what I’ve learnt from monitoring these passive income schemes all these months…

1. Business has just started
Well yes, if business has just started and you have sources to say this is the real deal. It’s the best time to jump in the ship as you would be able to get your Return of Investment (ROI) quicker and less riskier as well. However, when dealing with strangers – you have to be extra cautious, especially with new start-ups. How well do you know of their business market and capabilities to generate income? Are you sure that you’re going to get income still (let’s not talk about getting back your ROI, because that would be useless right? You DID become an investor to get profit, not just dump your money there and take it back again after a few months or years, which is totally useless). So unless you know and trust the person, or if you don’t mind to burn the money if something goes wrong.. go ahead.

2. Too many intake and no payouts
Seeing a person or a company (usually a person) that kept taking money from it’s investors, but still saw no payouts given to any, is where you need to be concerned about. Especially if it’s been going on for months. These are what I call illegal loaners. I’ll explain about it more towards the end.

3. Promises.. empty promises
“And the company guarantees that under any losses, we shall 100% refund investors money back…” Does it sound assuring? NOT. First of all, most will never reveal ‘the company’, and ‘the company’ here refers to who or what? Basically a stranger comes to you and said, hey if you give me $100 bucks I’ll give you this note which says “I’ll return the money back to you tomorrow – signed, the stranger”. Go figure!

4. Actors are all over the place (dupes!)
These are highly trained actors to attract more fishes. If you personally know them (and trust of course) then it may be a real passive income, but if not, then all these are just ‘strangers’ which you never meet and never know before. Worst if it’s on the internet! The same person can create a duplicate of themselves (dupes) and post comments – mostly the one that motivates you to become an investor. So unless you know them personally and trust them, my advice, keep your other feet off somewhere safe.

5. Too good to be true, trust your instinct!
Usually we are able to sense if something bad is about to happen. Yes, usually we do. Just that we are too ignorant about it and pretended that feeling never happened. Once you have this curiosity, do some checking just to make sure. If a person or a company is offering 200% return within 30 days, you ought to thought to yourself, why they didn’t just get a bank loan instead? Of course there is a risk to anything, but jumping off a plane without any parachute isn’t a risk, that’s suicidal!

So what’s that about illegal loaners? I have noticed a trend that’s becoming more serious and more concerned over these few months whereby most passive income groups or companies bailed out as soon as they reached the $50,000 to $150,000 collective figure. Either leaving all it’s investors in the dark (the evil ones) without any news of refunds or returns, or some will leave their ‘well trained idiotic puppets’ to do the dirty work and talk to the rest of the investors, where these puppets are so highly trained (or brainwashed) that they act as if they are the guardian to an angel (in disguise). Most of the time these puppets have no idea of the actual business owner, nor have ever met them in person.

Some (the bad ones) will somewhat announce that the company is failing or in trouble, and that all investors will have a refund of their investment. However, this takes time, and some could take up to years for them to pay back the amount you invested. I know some of you may say that “it’s better than nothing” or “at least I got my money back”, but have you realized that you just given your money to illegal loaners? They are actually taking collected loan, illegally, by tricking you (the so called investors) that you will get profit from your money. The real deal is that there are no profit nor plan for profit for you at all. The only profit plan they have is for themselves. They just need your money to kick-start the business as they (possibly) are in the Blacklist or CTOS or CCr.. whatever.. or by evil reason, decided to get themselves an illegal loan without any interest, any guarantors, any repayment terms or guarantee, even there’s no black and white at all!

These syndicates (pardon me) usually collects from $50,000 to $150,000 before bailing out. And with the right approach, they are able to collect these figures within a month or a week perhaps. Without any documentation, and usually without even exposing the company details or what they actually do. Everything is just, imaginary… and yet there are still peoples who decided to jump in.

But please, before blaming them, blame yourself as a naive person. Scams like these doesn’t force you to join, they don’t bug you with phone calls or emails saying come and join us. Instead, mostly everyone who joined are volunteers, just because of the (imaginary) prospects that was tell and told.

So that serves as a tip for those who would like to join passive income that’s offered by a stranger.

Heck, to make fast real money – I can even open up a group and invite strangers telling them I have a good business proposal at hand. Whoever joined will get 300% dividend + profit within 60days, and business will only start when we have enough investors (that hit the $150,000 mark). When I have successfully obtained the $150,000 illegal bucks, I’ll just bail out and say “unfortunately the company has not been able to progress further and refund will be given slowly on a stage by stage basis” – which I will go out, buy myself a house, rent it over – get more money, and slowly pay back the investors around $500 bucks per month for let’s say… the next 25 years?

Who cares, I’m dealing with strangers, they don’t even know or seen me before!

On second thought, how about I’d just take a trip to Canada and dissappear from Malaysia instead? That would be easier…

*Seriously I’m afraid of the hereafter*


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