Have facebook? Time to do some housekeeping…

I know most of you don’t realize how many apps have (quite a lot of) access to your facebook account. This includes reading your profile / wall / posts even when you’re not logged in.

For apps that you trust, it’s OK. However, I’d recommend that we do some housekeeping to ensure that your data remain private (lol, what is private if you post it on the internet).

To do this, open up facebook, click the drop down arrow button beside HOME and click on ‘Account Settings‘.

Then click on Apps from menu list on your left.

From here, behold! The list of apps that have access to your account. Which surprises me that 30% of the apps on list were complete stranger as I can’t remember adding them up in the first place.

So review which one that you still allow access to your account and remove the ones that are not needed anymore by clicking the x button on the far right.

And that completes this tiny chapter of fb housekeeping…



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