Earth global warming almost at the end?

This global warming need to stop. And it actually does not matter if we contribute to stop it by turning off our air-conditioner when we don’t use them or not.. it simply DOES NOT MATTER because it’s the big corporation that’s making the heat.

I believe you will be scared after watching our earth heat map below…

Although there are statements that whatever we do does not contribute to global warming, but it’s the earth itself that’s getting warmer. The earth core is building up heat… how much longer do we have before it reaches meltdown?

The most important question is, if NASA knows about this, I am sure the US and other countries government earth observation or whatever earth department that they have MUST know about this as well. The real question is what are they doing to prevent this from happening? Is it just simply “oh we found a way to reach Mars by just 6 months journey” so they can abandon earth when the rich found no way else to make money from it?

I care about the earth, as much as I care about my kids. It is a home for our kids to grow. I don’t want them to live in bunkers or some underground facilities just because the climate is too hot for humans anymore. That is..

if we still have a future…

Have a look at the video on NASA website > HERE <

Back when I was a kid, I always dreamed of going to the future. Now what I really want is to go back to the past…


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