Bye DiGi, I’m switching to Umobile

Before I begin, here is an updated bad experience with Umobile Customer Service representative that I have labeled them “the WORST customer service representative in Malaysia

So it was a horrible journey with Maxis (Hotlink), and I started off as one happy user of DiGi for quite some time ago (almost 2 years if I’m not mistaken) – all these were done via porting Mobile Number Portability (MNP) that allows me to keep my current number no matter to which telco I switched over to.

So before I switched over, allow me to write down some good, fun, and bad, sad, horrific stuffs that I’ve experienced whilst I was with these telco’s for all these years.

Maxis Hotlink was the most expensive start up prepaid pack I have ever bought – this was back in the 90’s and I still keep this number up until now (which shows how much of a good person I am, heh). In between, I have also used Celcom Prepaid, and Celcom Prepaid mobile internet (they come up once with that cheap package, which is worthless and I regretted, and hated it so bad that I threw the card away when it’s still full of credits) but let’s keep all of that aside, and let’s talk about Maxis Hotlink first.

Back in the 90’s, the most used service (for me) was SMS followed by voice calls. Voicemail was turned on of course (because the telco doesn’t make money from it YET – read about it here and I shall reveal my experience). Everything went better than expected. Service and coverage was good, as long as everything works as normal…

But then, when something does goes wrong – No matter how hard you screamed for help, no one will actually save you from disaster. What you do is you wait until the suffering is over, alone… Yes, and this is exactly what happened to me over and over again when I was with Maxis Hotlink. There was once where I wasn’t able to send SMS for nearly a week (SMS was sent, but not received at the recipient end), until I had to buy another SIM card just to send the SMS (that time MNP was not available yet). I couldn’t make calls, but received them without issues, my credit was wrongly deducted and had to wait for more than a week to get a refund (happened more than once), and let’s not talk about the pathetic millions of SMS spam I receive on a daily basis.

Talking to their customer support every time seemed like me going to war. It doesn’t matter how I say it, I will either get no help, or plain gibberish from them – either they don’t understand what my problem is, or I don’t seem to know how their answer would fit into the issue – but one thing I know is that they are not providing any solution to me whatsoever.

But still, I continue to use the ridiculously expensive Maxis Hotlink although I knew there were other cheaper alternatives out there, just because I ‘think‘ Maxis is one of the big players, and if I stay with one, I will be OK.

Now that is where I am wrong.

So next, comes the era of mobile internet. Maxis Hotlink is expensive. I was lucky that my company was paying for the bills. Internet was good, speed is fast – when it’s normal. When it’s not, prepare to die because there is nothing you can do about it.

Frustrated, and getting bald with poor customer service of Maxis Hotlink, I made up my mind and switched over to DiGi.

I honestly was very happy when I first ported to DiGi. It took me under 24hours to get my number ported which was a very good first impression (well done DiGi). Whenever I had problem and called their customer support, I feel like I’m really talking to another human being instead of a puppet scripted robot! Heck, no need for the formalities and stuffs, all your customer need is for you to solve their problems (trust me I know after being in customer management for so many years) and I must say that

DiGi has the best customer support agents that bring value to their business

So why am I porting out from DiGi if they have the best customer service? Simple, it’s NOT their customer service then. It’s their service!

Remember their advertisement “At DIGI, consistency rules?” well yeah, for a while. Then quietly it’s gone? Speed is not what it’s used to be, wghich was unlimited previously (and they amended this quietly as well). I was one of the lucky last to have my usage capped to a pathetic 100mb per day (RM15/week mobile internet package) usage? Seriously, what can I do with 100mb? I watched some youtube for half an hour and there goes all my bandwidth for the day. Throttled to a puny 128kbps? Heck I think it’s lower than that…

Then there’s this coverage issue. I was getting strong 3G / HSDPA signal before and now I’m getting weak 3G which sometimes drop to EDGE in the same exact spot as it used to. What happened? Towers got robbed or something? And internet on 2G network is close to none. I have no idea why but based on checks with a few of my friends, if network switches over to 2G, just consider that the internet has died.

Then SMS spams starts to get in. Either from those 5 digit CP numbers or personal numbers which have been bought to spam, yes, they have too started to notice DiGi and making good use of their networks. DiGi was very good in preventing these sort of spams before, but now I’m feeling that ‘Maxis Hotlink’ feeling again.. (that means tonight’s NOT gonna be a good night for you DiGi!). Issue not able to send nor receive SMS, not able to call out.. Not to mention my SMS appeared like twice or even 3x when I only send it once to a recipient. No I didn’t bother to check my credit, feel free to rob me.

So bad coverage, not that good anymore mobile internet – although much lighter on my wallet than Maxis Hotlink, I finally made up my mind to switch to Umobile and got this SMS tonight…

The process took me 4 days.. (and not completed as of yet, my old SIM is still active) which started off quite not that well (especially with recent news on 2nd Feb about Umobile nationwide outage) that made me think “Am I making a good decision by porting to Umobile?” – and even few of my friends were complaining that Umobile customer service is close to nonexistent! Because they can’t reach them most of the time (heck, why all of the sudden urge to eat Nandos at this hour)

Well whatever it is, I’m not looking for telco which can impress me (if they can, it will be good), but (this will serve as an advice to all telco’s out there) just a telco that is reliable, making sure to keep their promises as advertised, and have a ‘solution’ to their customer’s issue (instead of giving excuse). Umobile was hit once with outage, and I respect how they responded back by apologizing and giving away free unlimited SMS and free data allocation for it’s subscribers.

Incidents happen, but when they do, make your customer happy and remember about the good service instead. I always look for opportunities in incidents and escalations, when something goes wrong and you do your best to provide a ‘solution’ to it, that is where complaints may become compliments instead.


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28 Responses to “Bye DiGi, I’m switching to Umobile”

  1. MAHER Says:




  2. Matthew Says:

    Read with interest in you switching to Umobile. So after close to 5 months usage, are you satisfied with Umobile? Please share your experience.

    • neato4u Says:

      Yes I am ‘quite’ happy with the service provided. Especially on mobile internet. I use prepaid and subscribed to the 5GB RM68 / month. Worth it. Don’t take the RM28 500mb per month. I got bad experience with it. Upon using just 200mb of the 500mb quota, I got a message saying I’ve used them all and they throttled me down. That didn’t happen with 5GB, I got the full 5GB usage tracked with Android data counter app. The only issues I have is that sometimes Umobile have no signal and switches over to Celcom 2G. Internet signal shows R (roaming) and Edge, but internet is close to non-existent. I’ve also experienced (several times) where Umobile call and SMS service is totally down. When you try to call someone, you will get an announcement that they are having issues. Internet continue to work though.. Then multiple times their *118# failed to work. In regards to customer service, I never had any issues with them. I spoke to a true human being that understands my need and emotions (most of the times). Either I got lucky or what, because some of my friends has bad experiences with Umobile CS, not to mention – not being able to reach their CS after some long wait. I never had that issues so far. Another thing, I ported my wife to Umobile as well, and we have free calls all day. Rates are pretty cheap too.

  3. william Says:

    I am using digi for many years … er … since 2001 i think. then it getting worst and worst. I upgraded into postpaid. They always disconnect my phone call with my sup line. Besides, they quietly change the rules once over 3G quota, totally no internet connection allow! Then, as you mentioned DIGI keep on drop 3G connection!

    I just switch to u mobile recently. everything pretty good. nice couverage and fast internet. However, 2 weeks ago everything gone! slow internet, poor signal and disconnected voice conversation!

    I am enough with all the telco! Never mention Maxis to me! Hell expensive they charge those user!

    I guess celcom is my only hope after so many nightmare! Malaysia telco just hopeless on the service quality (not customer service but the LINE itself!)

    • neato4u Says:

      I totally agree with you William. Even Umobile reception has gone from good to bad in some places, jumping from H to edge and sometimes we get ‘Umobile network is unavailable’. I know that they have just upgraded their network to enable wider 3G coverage, but it’s going down the drain for now.

      While Digi went down the drain with their service – but their customer support is EXCELLENT.

      However with Umobile, the only perks or strong points are their service – their customer support are either non-existence or are utterly rubbish (see my blog update at the beginning of this post). I too am considering to port over to Celcom because of this.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I am back again. Umobile given me another nightmare! Many inconvenient and extremely poor call center service.

        I am in the middle to transfer to celcom now.

        I do not know where to start my bad exp with Umobile. All i can say is i ha been a fool once but not twice … Pending my celcom feedback. Once get my sim card, bye bye to Umobile

  4. sooyun Says:

    I was thinking of switching to umobile from digi too! Luckily i have found this page. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Get rid of your voicemail if you don’t use it! « Neato4u's Blog Says:

    […] actually wanted to blog and previously mentioned about this (a bit) in my old Switching to Umobile post quite some time ago. But as I was so excited to tell you about my port to Umobile, I guess […]

  6. siavash Says:

    I know it’s been a digged-down article but, I planned to shift to Umobile just for their internet. I have a question, when they throttle you down to 64kbps after your quota is ended, can you still do your stuff like viber, whatsapp and internet browsing? or is it just like a non-existant internet after you quota is ended up?


    • neato4u Says:

      Hi Siavash,
      When they throttle down, it is very hard for you to do even anything. Whatsapp will lag like no tomorrow, internet browsing will be super slow even goggle take ages to display. I suggest for you to ditch the rm28 so called ‘unlimited’ plan and subscribe the mobile broadband plan instead. Yes, you can use it on your mobile.

      • waiwailim Says:

        I’m using umobile UMI28 and the internet speed is VERY slow in some areas,even whatsapp is lag.You mentioned the 5Gb/rm68 per month,is it bundled with free calls and sms?whats the difference between mobile broadband and mobile data plan?thanks

  7. cristiano daniel ronaldo Says:

    i’m using the umobile internet plan 5gb/rm68 on my tablet……..i have use it for a year and its internet is very damn fast……..fortunately i don’t buy any other telco such as maxis that are very damn expensive

    • neato4u Says:

      It’s okay and I agree is cheap. It works fine when there are no problems. But once there are problem, you will have a very hard time communicating with Umobile as their customer service is ‘the worst’.

  8. HC Says:

    Am thinking to switch.
    Which one is better? Rm18 or Rm28?

    Any advice?
    Thank you

  9. Ben Says:

    will telco refund the credit in your prepaid if u switch to another telco?

  10. Waisze Says:

    Hi, may I know how long it takes to switch to Umobile?

  11. William Says:

    Finally, i am celcom user. So far so good.

    • neato4u Says:

      Glad you switched bro.. although Umobile is okay when it’s up and healthy, but when it comes to anything out of the ordinary (fault) – everything goes down the drain.

  12. Mona Says:

    Thx for info #neto4u. Could you be kind and tell me, can i port by myself or should i go to some services? Also wanna switch to umobile from digi.. Damn digi freaking me out…

  13. John Says:

    Hi, I am a maxis prepare user, if I want to switch to umobile post pare, are that able to take back my balance of my previous maxis prepare? Or just losing it? Thank

  14. Eason Says:

    why not consider you Celcom. I think the new package is super good~

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