Part 4 – RC Airplanes / Gliders for Beginners

In this part, I want to show you some fun stuffs about RC airplanes.

Back in the old days, people fly RC airplanes by Line Of Sight (LOS). Meaning you stand there and watch your plane fly from ground. You can fly far, but only as far as your eyes can see.

With technologies these days that has advanced and stuffs becoming more affordable for all, we can mount a small camera on your RC airplane / gliders / helicopters / quadcopters and fly in a mode which we call the First Person View (FPV). You then wear a video goggles such as this one below

and control your RC aircraft from ground, looking into the camera, as if you’re sitting inside your RC itself (now you can experience what a real pilot sees in real time). If you own a powerful Transmitter, you may even fly higher than the clouds, or venture until you can’t see your aircraft anymore from ground. All these will not be a problem because you can still see via the camera mounted on your RC unit.

Above is an example of a GoPro HD camera mounted on the ‘Sky Surfer’. As mentioned before, you may mount the camera on ANY aircraft you prefer. As long as it is capable to carry the weight of the camera, and have sufficient space to carry it’s video transmitter along, you are good to go.

If you are wondering how FPV is like, here are some famous FPV videos for your viewing pleasure.

I will be covering about FPV in future part of RC planes / gliders for beginners. So stay tuned!

And YES I do FPV as well! 🙂



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