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Horyzon HD LCD – take it off!

June 24, 2012

Don’t make the same mistake as I did…


It was a medium or low impact crash of my quadcopter as I lost my video link. The quad was unharmed and went back flying after that. However the LCD screen on Horyzon HD cracked and is broken.

I wouldn’t go through the “how to” dismount steps here as you can find those already explained in RCGroups thread.


Product Review – Horyzon HD v1

June 9, 2012

Me and a few good friends of mine are one of the first Malaysian users of the Horyzon HD, sold my Foxtech.

And seeing that this product is still fresh and new (especially in Malaysia), I will do an honest review of the production unit which I have bought. Hopefully this will serve as a ground to all local and international buyers out there.

Horyzon HD specs at a glance
Quoted on box as “The best 1080p full HD FPV Camera in the world”
(Wayyy overboard with this one, and let me start off by saying it is NOT the best)
5.0 Megapixel CMOS
1080p and 720p HD recording 30/60fps to MicroSD card
Photo resolution 2592 x 1944 (timelapse mode available)
Video out for FPV
claimed 3.5v – 5v DC

The packaging

The unit comes packaged in a compact box which labels “The best 1080p full HD FPV Camera in the world“. And during the first days of receiving the unit, I was happy and anxious to try the unit out as I believe that it IS the BEST FPV camera in the world (I mean, why would they print it out there if it is not right?). However as I was busy with my family and stuffs, going here and there.. I was only able to open the package, inspect the unit (making sure there’s no visible damage), run it off my receiver (Rx), check the display using the included LCD, some indoor test recording, and it went back in the box for a week before I finally have some real time to test the unit out.

Horyzon HD, what’s inside?
– The camera itself
– LCD unit
– AV out cable
– USB cable

So the nightmare begin …
Well, I guess you can’t run away from issues as this is the first version of the product. But seeing TOO many issues for a start leaves a very bad impression for a company which is brave enough to quote “The best 1080p full HD FPV Camera in the world“. In short, after a few minutes toying around with it, it’s simply not the best anymore. The first issue is the horrible red hue / tint image produced by the cam.

Then there was this pixellated image issue when I changed resolution

If you can’t see it, I suggest you view the video above in HD.

I managed to find a ‘working’ setup for myself, which is to record and view @ 720pH resolution (60fps). Now some does say that they hate wide angle because it gives them the curved view, but for me, I personally loved them as I can see more details when flying (although the picture may be a little bit small). Horyzon HD have a standard 120° view, and claimed able to fit a GoPro lens thus increasing it to 140° view. For me the 120° is wide enough for my aerial video purposes. If you want lesser curve and slightly less view, just switch it to 1080p on the fly.

So back to the issue. Mr Fu (Foxtech rep) is saying that the red hue issue appears because the unit overheats. Now, that is NOT a good thing since Malaysia is NOT that hot (around 26° – 35°c average) and for a product not being to operate normally under these temperature should be ashamed of selling it off internationally.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Not only Malaysian users are affected (yes all of our purchased units have the same issue), even those users in Japan, United States, United Kingdom are facing the same issue. So is it really a heat issue or something else? Wayneuk, which is one of Horyzon HD user that also face this issue that the company representative claimed to have a ‘dead cam’ surprisingly changed the unit stock lens to another one, and the red hue issue disappears! Despite to this, the rep is still saying that they are using regulators to undervolt the cam, so that the issue dissappears, completely ignoring (at the time of writing) Wayneuk discovery of the lens that’s being the (possible) root cause of the problem. One of the senior well known forumers Timecop also find it hard to believe that the issue was produced by power supply. A senior local RC enthusiast QiW had also made some tests by underpowering the unit down to 3.78v, however we are still seeing some red hue / tint, and underpowering it more will result in auto shut down of the camera within a few minutes. Anyway, at this point of time, we are still waiting for the issue to be resolved (hopefully soon). Thanks to all the ‘unpaid’ beta testers 🙂 (lol).

Anyway, you are free to read more about the progress at the official product discussion thread in RC Groups.

The list of issues so far :
– Red / pinkish hue / tint / color video issue
– Pixellated videos in some resolution and also caused by some image rotation function
terrible UHF interference (if you are using UHF / Dragonlink, avoid purchasing the unit until issue is resolved)
– function buttons are very hard to press and awkward placement
– always STOP recording after flight, if you power it off straight, your entire video file will be corrupted
– anything more that i’ve missed?

The good stuffs about Horyzon HD and why you should buy it :
Well believe me when I say I am damn pissed by all these issues. But you have got to see both sides of it, the negative and the positive aspects of the cam. I’d say I will be a very happy customer if all these issues are resolved. But sometimes it’s a pain to get out and use it, as I would be seeing red hue and sometimes pixellated videos most of the time! However, here is why you should get the Horyzon HD (in my personal opinion), and let me make it clear, I would only recommend you to buy this AFTER ALL THE ISSUES HAS BEEN SORTED OUT…

– It’s lightweight and small, easy to be placed anywhere and on many aircraft’s
– Good video out quality
– 1080p and 720p HD recording onboard with microSD card
– LCD monitor included, so no need to assume your camera placement, you can see it on the fly.
– The price is ‘affordable’ to most.

And here’s a few videos that was taken by me using Horyzon HD, I’m facing difficulties in reducing jello and vibrations (because it’s a CMOS sensor type cam), because the cam is so lightweight it is very hard for me to stick it firm in one place. Maybe I will get lesser jello and vibrations in future…

One of the best and fun friendliest flying site in Selangor, Puncak Jalil.

FPV inside a car

Update, 14th December 2012 : Foxtech have released a firmware update which fix (most) of the red / pink hue issue (however if you have a very keen eye – you should be able to spot some a bit of red hue at top left of frame still – just a bit). Also they have released a new casing which blocks UHF interference. Plus, they have heard user comments and made a V2 of the product with all bug fix, better sensor, and a better keypad to push those pesky little buttons. Have a look at it @ Foxtech official website.

Video with latest (probably last) firmware on Horyzon HD V1

Popwing @ Puncak Jalil

My first HD FPV video!

June 7, 2012

It’s my first HD FPV video! Made in Malaysia 🙂

I hope you had fun watching it!

Tidur oh tidur…

June 7, 2012

SEORANG yang berusia 60 tahun akan menghabiskan masa lebih kurang 20 tahun untuk tidur. Sekiranya dia tidur mengikut sunnah Rasullullah saw, maka tidurnya akan jadi ibadah. Allah swt hanya akan menerima ibadah yang dilakukan dengan ikhlas. Tidur adalah ibadat yang paling ikhlas. Seseorang tidak perlu dipaksa atau terpaksa untuk tidur. Ganjaran Allah swt untuk orang yang mengamalkan sunnah sangat besar. Satu sunnah yang diamalkan berterusan akan diberi ganjaran 100 pahala mati syahid, sedangkan satu pahala mati syahid sudah cukup untuk menjamin seseorang untuk masuk syurga.

Di dalam tidur sendiri ada banyak sunnah. Sebaliknya, jika seseorang tidur cara selain dari cara Nabi saw, dia hanya akan dapat kerehatan. Kalau bernasib baik, selama 20 tahun mungkin dia dapat mengumpul 20 kilo tahi mata dan menakung 20 liter atau lebih air liur basi.

Antara Sunnah-sunnah Nabi saw sebelum, ketika dan selepas tidur.

1. Sebelum dan selepas tidur baca doa tidur. Ramai orang memperlekehkan doa Masnun(doa harian)tapi hakikatnya harga yang Allah swt janjikan adalah syurga.

2. Jangan tidur menghadap kaki arah Qiblat. Ini adalah kedudukan tidur orang yang telah mati.

3. Barangsiapa yang membaca Tasbih Fatimah, sekiranya dia mati malam itu,dia akan dikira sebagai mati syahid. Apa itu Tasbih Fatimah? Subhanallah 33 X, Alhamdulillah 33 X, Allahuakbar 34 X.

4. Baca 4 Qul tiup ke tapak tangan dan sapu keseluruh badan
untuk menghindarkan sihir dan niat jahat manusia.

5. Niat untuk bangun Tahajjud. Sekiranya tidak terjaga, Allah swt akan mengira seolah-olah dia bertahajjud sepanjang malam.
Tahajjud adalah sebaik-baik pelindung daripada sihir dan buatan orang.

6.Ambil wudhu sebelum tidur dan Solat Sunat Taubat 2 rakaat.

7.Maafkan semua kesalahan manusia pada kita dan halalkan semua hutang piutang sebelum tidur.Bangun tidur boleh buka fail semula kalau mahu.

8. Tidur cara Rasulullah saw dengan mengiring badan ke kanan dan tapak tangan di bawah pipi. Banyak lagi Sunnah Nabi saw yang boleh diamal, semuanya mudah untuk dilakukan. Lebih mudah daripada bersolek atau pakai night cream sebelum tidur.Lebih mudah daripada buat senaman ringan sebelum tidur…. INSYAALLAH, kalau ada salah dan silap minta komen untuk kita kongsi bersama. Kalau tak ada, selamat beramal 🙂

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