Horyzon HD camera mounting on DJI F450

First of all let me start off by saying I am terribly bad in DIY and hardware stuffs! And with my purchase of Horyzon HD had given me nightmares to figure out a way to get rid of those jello’s and vibrations on my recorded videos.

I started off by strapping the cam directly to the F450 center frame with 2 cable ties around the ‘ears’ of the cam. This doesn’t work well at all and I was getting terrible rolling shutter effects (jellos of course) and vibrations all over!

Video above was taken with 720p 60fps resolution. The rolling shutter effect occurs because of the camera CMOS sensor. Having a CCD camera would eliminate this issue but before I bought another set of quadcopter with gimbal that can hold a standard sized CCD camera in place, I have to try my best to eliminate it with whatever that I have.

So after some time researching on the internet and hearing tips from my fellow RC FPV friends, I went to experiment on various style of mounts (and still am!). Googling for “Horyzon HD mount for DJI F450” does not give any satisfactory result on how I should mount it.. so in the end I put some double sided tape on F450 center frame – put the cam on top of it – strap it nicely with cable ties, and hot glue the cam to it won’t move. The result? …

This was again taken on 720p 60fps. It’s better than before. Camera was nice and firm, but I’m getting vibrations now! Oh what to do?

Reading up on RC Explorer site, I found his topic on creating a good camera mount (you guys can view it > here < ) – so I used some silicon tube (I bought these from hardware shop that sells water filter tubes) some zipties, a wood type ruler, and some tapes. The result after some tests?

Still on 720p 60fps (my favourite reso!). And here’s some pictures of the ugly mount (but hey video-wise it is better than what I ever had before!)

As you can see, the cam sits on double sided tapes, wrapped with another kind of tape, sits on a wooden ruler…

and held by cable ties which goes through 2 silicon tubes. So there are 2 layers of vibration dampener (tube and double sided tape) before it reaches the camera.

I’d say this is far from perfect.. but hey for being a newbie in this DIY stuffs.. I thought why not share this with the rest of you guys. Who knows maybe you can learn, or perhaps give me more tips to improve my mount. Or I should go and get myself a GoPro and a new frame (TBS Discovery?) perhaps? Hahaha.. oh I so love that frame! 😀


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