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Will WhatsApp Messenger be a paid application?

September 25, 2012

My WhatsApp Messenger account has again been automatically renewed to 05/04/2013. Although it still says “Free trial” … from my personal point of view, it will not and never become a paid app.

Reason is simple. It has too many subscribers! With it’s cross platform that works on Android, Iphone, Blackberry’s and all.. most of my friends and families which have unlimited mobile internet have WhatsApp installed on their smartphones. It’s a great application to send text and images, not to mention location, audio, and even short videos.

By converting this to a ‘paid app’ it will instantaneously cripple and result in almost 100% lost of their subscribers.

Just like the other day when WhatsApp was down for maintenance …

Me and most of my friends started downloading and switched over to Viber! And now Viber is a keeper to us all. It works pretty much the same as WhatsApp, easy to add contacts by identifying those that’s already on your phone contact list.. which makes the “what’s your ID?” obsolete and useless.

So WhatsApp, why don’t you just stop with the “Free Trial” joke once and for all. You know that you can’t get this much of subscribers if you changed it to a paid app. If you really need money.. (like to support your server bandwidth and all) how about some advertisements for some money instead? That would be a good idea, as long as those ad’s doesn’t really suck our bandwidth or go on full screen or something until it disturb from using the app normally. We like the ad to be super small if possible (or no ad at all if ever! Make it stay as this!)

For those who didn’t try WhatsApp yet, get it > here < from Google Play.
And why don’t you get Viber as well > here < just in case if WhatsApp is down again? 😉


Quick Fix / Solution – Lotus Notes cannot save bitmap to disk

September 24, 2012

Some of my friends encountered issues when copying contents from Lotus Notes email and pasting them into Microsoft Word or Openoffice by getting an error “cannot save bitmap to disk”. Some even get this error when replying / forwarding emails.

This happens when the email contain one or many broken ‘images’. Copying those broken section will lead to this error when pasting or when replying back.

A simple but tedious way is to delete those broken images before copying. If it’s a short email that contain only one broken image, then this method is easy. However if it is a long email with multiple broken images or if the broken image is hidden somewhere in that long email, than this method won’t be efficient.

A quick fix is to click on Forward > Internet-Style Forward, or Reply / Reply to all > Reply with Internet Style History.

This method will work if you don’t need those images anymore (or if those images are all broken), or just wanted to copy body text of the email and paste it somewhere.

Hope this helps!

Get rid of your voicemail if you don’t use it!

September 23, 2012

As promised in my previous post, I’ll run away from RC stuffs and focus on something more common. Like how to save your family or friends from being unknowingly robbed by your mobile provider or telcos. Now take note why I didn’t say ‘save yourself‘ instead? Heck, the telco’s arent that stupid to rob money directly from you! But unknowingly (indirectly that is), they use YOU to MAKE money from your family, from your close relatives, from your close friends.. from anyone that calls you.

How they do and get away with it? Well, it’s all via those pesky voicemail service. To be plain simple, if you don’t use it – get rid of it to save others from being robbed! Why and how? Well read on and I’ll explain …


Cheap Quadcopter FPV setup

September 14, 2012

I’ve sold off my DJI F450 quadcopter along with the Naza Flight Controller (FC). Reason being is that I need to use some money for my family and I am also ‘done’ with the expensive Naza and am ready to try other good and cheap FC’s available out there.

So while waiting for my next FPV journey, I have listed down some things (it’s for myself really, but hey – sharing is caring right!) for a cheap set of quadcopter, FPV ready!

PART 1 – The Quadcopter

  • Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board    $29.99
  • Hobby King Quadcopter Power Distribution Board   $3.99
  • 2213N 800Kv Brushless Motor x 4   $37.36
  • Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A ESC (card programmable) x 4      $31.20
  • Slow Fly Electric Prop 1045R SF RH Rotation (4 pc)       $3.07
  • Slow Fly Electric Prop 1045SF (4 pc)                             $3.07
  • Famous-M550FPV Fiberglass Version Quad Multicopter Frame Aircraft    $68.48

Most of the stuffs are from Hobbyking except for the frame which is from goodluckbuy.


PART 2 – The serious FPV stuffs

  • FatShark 5.8Ghz Telemetry System (Incl. Tx/Rx)   $299.99
  • ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz Audio/Video Transmitter – FatShark compatible (600mw)    $69.99
  • 5.8GHz Circular Polarized spiroNet Antenna  $39.95


I have decided to keep my Horyzon HD for the time being. And short term plan is to mount it to my flying wing for some aerial video via LOS flight. So you guys who wants to start out from scratch need to get yourself a camera as well. If I were to buy one, I would choose the “FatShark Pan/Tilt CAM system, pre-assembled for $49.20″ sold at Hobbyking for an easy compatible system. However, if you have no need for the pan and tilt, just get any good cam but try and pair it with a 2.8mm lens so you get a wide angle view. This is important for piloting multicopter (in my personal opinion). Anything larger in mm will work but with reduced vision of course.

If you plan to get a video recording device, i would personally get myself a GoPro and will definitely get one for my next quad.

There is also a varieties of ‘flight controller’ boards available. I just put the KK2 there for my own estimated reference (I don’t mind getting one as well, it’s pretty good). A friend of mine recommended Naze32 from with a pricetag starting from $74.06. I’ve saw it fly with my own eyes and it was really annoying to see a cheap FC flown so much stable and BETTER than the expensive crap Naza.. It’s definitely on my list, but what I really wanted to try and test right now is the Free Flight FC, full time auto level – which is pretty much what I would use most of the time anyway. I can’t see much places that sells these.. but of course, I’m in no rush as of yet 🙂

I know I’ve been blogging about RC quite a lot these days, maybe I’ll get my mind and hands on something else and let you know about it on my future posts. Too much talking about the same thing can get pretty boring!

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