Get rid of your voicemail if you don’t use it!

As promised in my previous post, I’ll run away from RC stuffs and focus on something more common. Like how to save your family or friends from being unknowingly robbed by your mobile provider or telcos. Now take note why I didn’t say ‘save yourself‘ instead? Heck, the telco’s arent that stupid to rob money directly from you! But unknowingly (indirectly that is), they use YOU to MAKE money from your family, from your close relatives, from your close friends.. from anyone that calls you.

How they do and get away with it? Well, it’s all via those pesky voicemail service. To be plain simple, if you don’t use it – get rid of it to save others from being robbed! Why and how? Well read on and I’ll explain …

I’ve actually wanted to blog and previously mentioned about this (a bit) in my old Switching to Umobile post quite some time ago. But as I was so excited to tell you about my port to Umobile, I guess that had taken more weight and made me forgotten about this ‘how your telco use you as a bait to make money‘ topic completely.

When you registered for a new line, either it’s postpaid or prepaid – your service provider provides you with this ‘value added service’ for free – which is the voicemail.

Now, if you use it.. (for whatever reasons) then that’s okay – but if you are a simple family man like me who can.. for example; just ring the other person back when you are available and does not like listening to recorded messages (in fact, the other party usually send an SMS if you’re not reachable right? I believe the number of people that leave personal voicemail messages are very little) – make use of your first call to your service provider customer service by calling and asking them to deactivate your voicemail immediately!

Let me explain how they use YOUR voicemail service to make money from OTHERS (and come to think of it, from yourself too!).

Do you know that whenever you call someone and reaches directly to their voicemail – your talktime credit has already been deducted? Even if you hang up and decided not to leave a voicemail – that doesn’t matter, they already got your money! Easy money!

Now if the other party is really unreachable (on a call or outside of coverage), then that’s fine. But I realized that our service provider has been playing trick on us when I kept getting voicemail from my wife, even though she was in a very well covered area with strong (full bar if I may say) reception – and her phone was just there placed on the coffee table – unused. And there I was, trying to call her – and got through to voicemail instead!

I was furious! Heck, I am the one paying for the bills! Her bills and mine! So I did a simple test to check if this was really a phone issue, reception wise issue, or whether we are really being robbed by our telcos. (Turned out we did?)

No I didn’t go that far to open my wife phone to pieces or stuffs like that. What I did was really basic and easy. First I took my wife phone and set it beside my phone. Make sure both have strong reception and available. Next, I take my phone and dialled her number (we were on the same telco at that time – guess which telco was that?) and I got through. Ok, good. So I tried this again several times and surprisingly some of the calls went straight to her voicemail direct! The phone was just there beside me! I even swapped the sims and tried on different phones (now how cool is that?) and got the same result.

How can this happen?

Well I got mad. Called the customer service and told them about this issue. As usual the tech was going through their standard troubleshooting steps and common causes which every bit does not apply on to this case. In the end, the tech said “Sir, this is due to the network being fully used at the particular area. Hence, the other party is unreachable and it goes directly to voicemail

Oh this is pathetic! Not only the fault lies with the provider itself (the tower being fully utilized), the fact that the consumers have to PAY for their incompetence is just plain ridiculous!

So think about it. If you can live without voicemail, TURN IT OFF so you and your friends don’t get ripped off.
It’s plain simple, just call your service provider customer service and tell them that you want your voicemail to be deactivated. Some will need identification – which is fine with me, but hey some will actually ask “why are you deactivating the service?” and another hillarious joke is “sir, you will not get missed call notification if you turn this off, are you really sure you want to disable this?” just stay calm and tell them that you just want it to be deactivated. You can even NOT give them a reason. It’s in your right, don’t get yourself bullied. For me, some is just a tactics to scare you from getting rid of it (they know they will lose money).

My experience deactivating voicemail with some telcos? Well, let me say Umobile is the best – I just called and said I want to deactivate – and the representative just said “OK”. That’s it! With Maxis, lots of questions – heck I don’t want to take part in your customer satisfaction survey ok, I am one of your frustrated customer already! Digi tried to scare me by saying I would lose some notification features.. But really, the biggest joke of all is Celcom – Recently I bought a new Celcom prepaid number and going through their prepaid SMS menu (was it *118# or something) they had an option there to disable your voicemail. I tried that, and it got rejected! Haha.. I tried that for quite some days, same thing. Last I called and got it deactivated. Why put it there when it doesn’t work? Fun stuffs isnt’ it?

So that’s it for today’s “The best is to share, not to keep!” tips.
Have you deactivated your voicemail yet? 🙂


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