Quick Fix / Solution – Lotus Notes cannot save bitmap to disk

Some of my friends encountered issues when copying contents from Lotus Notes email and pasting them into Microsoft Word or Openoffice by getting an error “cannot save bitmap to disk”. Some even get this error when replying / forwarding emails.

This happens when the email contain one or many broken ‘images’. Copying those broken section will lead to this error when pasting or when replying back.

A simple but tedious way is to delete those broken images before copying. If it’s a short email that contain only one broken image, then this method is easy. However if it is a long email with multiple broken images or if the broken image is hidden somewhere in that long email, than this method won’t be efficient.

A quick fix is to click on Forward > Internet-Style Forward, or Reply / Reply to all > Reply with Internet Style History.

This method will work if you don’t need those images anymore (or if those images are all broken), or just wanted to copy body text of the email and paste it somewhere.

Hope this helps!


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One Response to “Quick Fix / Solution – Lotus Notes cannot save bitmap to disk”

  1. Woonjas Says:

    Not really a solution in my opinion.
    Ran into this problem at a customer with some html formatted messages in R8.5.3 to R9.0.1 FP1 + IF1.
    Switiching mail template or disabling html signature in preferences did not help either.

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