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Umobile Bad Customer Service experience

October 27, 2012

I just got off from calling Umobile customer service via +60183881318 and experienced talking to (not one but) TWO of the most rude customer representative of all times (yes they beat the rest of the telcos out there, congratulation!).

Very frequent downtime of Umobile made more unhappy subscribers

I have no time to search for their customer support / complaint email address yet – so I will just rant these first on my blog because the big guys have to teach their tiny representatives some manners!

First, the incident – starting from 10pm 26/10/2012 onwards, I was not able to reload credits on my Umobile prepaid account. Upon trying and trying to key in the reload number, I got the error response above and also another response saying “Sorry we are unable to process“. This downtime has been happening more frequently these days, with some days even with total loss of ability to make outgoing calls.

I wonder why mobile internet still works when the rest has failed. Mobile internet on the other hand has been doing good with very rare downtime (for now).

So, with this downtime going on – I managed to successfully reload a RM50 credit to my prepaid. As such, receiving the confirmation that RM50 has been reloaded and also the usual SMS saying “Free calls & SMS activated valid until…” so I tried reloading some more money.. to ensure I have sufficient credit for the auto renewal mobile broadband purchase.

If some of you are asking why I am so desperate to reload for this auto renewal thing, it is because of this additional 250MB data promotion that’s been going on. Here, I even got an SMS promo from Umobile about it…

Umobile additional 250MB promotion for auto renewal of mobile broadband

So I was a little bit pissed off as my expiry date is tomorrow! And the fact that I’ve just reloaded with RM50, it doesn’t appear in my credit balance when I checked via *118*8#. So being an active consumer, I went ahead and called Umobile customer service (exactly 10:53pm) and got through to a male representative.

There’s also a website about it > here <

I have no idea how Umobile trained their reps but they TALK TOO MUCH until they leave no space for you to talk and finish your sentence. How can you help when you don’t even know what my real problem is? These guys stopped me at the middle of my sentences, and blurts out assumption and excuses and wait.. all I wanted is a solution, why are you not giving me that?

The rep doesn’t know a thing about this 250mb additional data and provided me false information instead of a postpaid plan whereby if it is auto-debited then a 250mb additional data will be given. I call it BULL.. and did ask the rep where is the logic in having enough credit to get this reward if it is auto debited or on postpaid? He took some time to browse through the Umobile site for 2 minutes or so and then found out what I was talking about.

Just say “I don’t know” or “I will check it out” as “I have never heard of this before” to be honest. Giving false information in the act of fleeing doesn’t solve anything!

Fed up of the representative who doesn’t leave me with any space to talk, I calmed him down and said “Could you please stop and give me some space to talk so I can explain” and for a moment, he did, but I can feel deep inside that this person is ultimately impatience (chasing after his AHT or what I have no idea) and I truly felt a bit of anger in him (being in customer service for more than 12 years reward me with a sixth sense in telephony aura, lol) , when I was talking explaining and all of a sudden I heard a click and the line got disconnected. The call lasted for 9minutes and 9seconds.

Oh the RAGE!

I don’t mind if I was being a prick if that happened, but I was talking real nice and slow and respectfully when this particular agent (I can’t even remember his name) got pissed off and cut the line off!

I immediately call customer service again and a representative named “#a#i#” answered the call. I immediately said that I want to lodge a report in regards to the rude customer service experience that I had on my previous call.

Instead of acknowledging the request, this rep asked what is my problem? Thinking that he wanted to know some background to the story, I re-told the story only to be cut off half way by this rep too. At some moment I had to stop him before he went to far assuming. Focusing on my reload issue, I must say that I got a bit sidetracked on the ‘rude report’ I had earlier. When I asked for a ticket number, this particular rep said that their system is down. I queried if they have an offline ticketing tool and he promptly said “No”.

So I was again annoyed to the fact that there is no official tracking system that I can use to refer. Leaving that sideways, the rep then told me my prepaid mobile subscription will only expire on 28/10/2012 (not 27 as displayed on the SMS I got above, and also when checking *118*2*3#)

Getting more annoyed (but still nice, hey it’s RAYA mood still right) I told the rep that I wanted to speak with a supervisor. He responded “there are no supervisors during night time” so I asked who is in charge and he said “no one”. I feel like this orange now – simply OUTRAGEOUS!

I told him now it is just his words against my words because I can’t see what he see on his system (and that my resources are pointing to 27th instead of 28th). I asked him what would happen if it expires on the 27th?

“No way it will expire on 27th”

I asked again, what IF it expires on the 27th?

“I believe that you don’t trust me?”

For GOD sake, it is not a matter of trust. I can’t be going on hooking up on customer service IF it does happen, and all the hassle for everyone to listen back to these calls (to listen how rude and cold these reps were to me), and the fact that I need to WASTE my TIME just to get an additional 250mb worth of data that I am eligible but MAY not apply due to an issue which caused by the company itself?

Getting furious, I demanded for an ap0logy from the rep in regards to my previous (rude behavioral) experience on my previous call. He answered “I think there were no records that you called” – So I responded back “You think?” – I head straight on and demanded for someone to call me back and apologize for the bad customer experience I had.

Bluntly this #a#i# rep responded…

There is NO promise in customer service

And that ticks me off for good. I told him “I am gonna quote you on that, because that is ultimately wrong!” So I can spread the word that UMOBILE does not PROMISE ANYTHING to it’s paying CUSTOMERS for it’s offered SERVICES?

Sensing that I am starting to get angry but still persistent because I have no official form of referral as of yet, the rep said “If you don’t have anything else, I have to do some other work”

“Are you chasing me off? If that is the case I will file a report in regards to you too #a#i#”

In a trembling suppressed anger tone “Go on, report!

“Are you challenging me?”

At this point I lost faith in all of Umobile customer service representatives. I tried my level best to be professional, toned down, and be direct to the point – but these guys kept stopping me halfway, assume way too much before they hear the whole story, and sad of all, giving excuses instead of solution.

I am going to play the game then and see if my mobile internet really expires on the 27th or the 28th as this rep during the conversation, told me multiple times to just quote his name if I have issues with the expiry or renewal. I have no idea how big a name he has, but a name is UNOFFICIAL! Every call should be logged and documented on a ticket. Where is my #u©<!n ticket?!!

I want to hear from the rest of you guys your personal experience with Umobile representatives, whether it is good or bad. Prior to this I had an OK experience, but this one (two) sadly throw everything down the drain. I am down to the verdict that Umobile have the WORST customer service representatives in Malaysia.


The guide to Halal song lyrics

October 14, 2012

As a responsible Muslim, I am sometimes concerned at the amount of local and international entertainments being music and video’s that we are exposed of. Especially those that is foreign to our tongue. Therefore I think it is about time for me to start blogging about ‘Halal song lyrics‘  that focuses whether it is appropriate or not in the way of Islam. (I would be honored if were to announce this on air for the benefit of all muslims)

For this I have setup a special page which will soon be available on the right bar. And is also accessible by clicking > HERE <

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