Does Moonlight VPN works with Umobile?

I had an opportunity to try out Moonlight VPN the other day with Umobile. Setting it up was easy and only took me less than 5 minutes including the download of Moonlight VPN GUI and the step by step video instruction which was pretty much clear and straight forward.

For those who does not know what Moonlight VPN is – here is an example and simple explanation of it.

Most of Malaysia’s Internet Service Providers (ISP) implement an unFair Usage Policy (FUP) which limits the amount of data that you are able to use. While some still says ‘Unlimited Mobile Internet‘ (It’s a TRAP!) – while part of it is true, most will throttle your download and upload speed worst than a dial up modem – Basically it is so slow that it renders your internet useless.

What Moonlight VPN does is that it tunnels your data (download and uploads) to it’s own server, bypassing your ISP’s data limit – thus you will get a true UNLIMITED bandwidth with the cheapest data package that your ISP provides. Imagine downloading 5GB per day on a 500MB/month data package. Moonlight VPN does come with a cost (it’s not free) but it is so cheap – merely around USD 3+ per month (around RM10) that I feel it costs like nothing if you appreciate and fully utilize the service that it offers.

Let me warn you that Moonlight VPN does not improve your internet speed. If you are getting a 4Mbps connection, you will still have the same speed with Moonlight VPN. It does not magically upgrade your original speed – it just bypass the data download / upload limit that was set by your provider.

This was the speed test result that I got with Umobile mobile broadband. I was not in a good reception area and only managed to get a 2Mbps download speed (in good areas I get around 4Mbps average). If you wonder why my upload speed was 0.03Mbps – that’s because during the test, Umobile still counts my data usage and thus I’ve hit the amount of maximum downloads per month and started capping my speed to a puny 100kbps = useless internet.

As far as I’ve heard, Moonlight VPN works with Celcom and Maxis. The rest of I am not sure of, but I am certain at this moment of writing, it does not support Umobile as of yet. Moonlight VPN does not bypass Umobile data usage. Rather pity because as bad as Umobile customer service is, it is still ranked as one of the fastest mobile internet around in the market (based on my own experience and personal tests with other mobile ISPs).

Of course, this will change soon as I port out of Umobile because of their rude and ridiculous customer support.

And yes, by me porting out – this means my whole family, my wife, my mum, my kids and a lot more.


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