Cheap PC Games – Get not 1 but 7 original PC games for as low as USD5.70 (RM17.33) or 6 for $1!

How about getting an Original Game ‘Saints Row The Third‘ for USD5.70? That’s RM17.33 after conversion from USD to RM. Sounds like the price of pirated games that they sell locally here.

But wait…

How about getting 7 original PC games for USD5.70? Too good to be true? Well if you are a gamer (or just an opportunist, because if you’re a true gamer you’ve would have known about this deal by now.. hehe) or probably subscribers of this blog – if you read this soon enough, you may get yourself 1.. no, my mistake.. 7 of these amazing games at a crazy unbeatable price of (currently) USD5.70.

Too expensive still? (I have no idea how cheapskate you are then.. lol) Then how about 6 games at the price of USD1? – here’s how.

PC Games at crazy price

First, head on to (Don’t worry you can click on this link, it will open a new tab on your browser) and you will be presented with 7 PC Games that are yours to grab by “naming your price”. This includes Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company Of Heroes, Company Of Heroes Opposing Fronts, Company Of Heroes Tales Of Valor – and why not (if you pay above the average price) get yourself Saints Row The Third as well?

So is it really USD5.70?

The answer is no. One of my friend bought his bundle for USD5.73 – that’s because the average price was higher back then it is now. If you want to purchase all of them (with the minimum or I’d say the best price you can get) – check out the average pricing under the Saints Row The Third cover.

Saints Row The Third free

At this moment of writing it’s USD5.69 – so if you beat the price by adding another 1 cent (shame? why not? lol) so with USD5.70 you will get those 6 bundled games with Saints Row The Third for free!

Take note that at time of writing, offer ends in another 11 days.

Enough already, I want this now before the offer ends!

To purchase, here is what you need to do – first, visit their website and check the average price (and increase it by whatever amount that you like – it’s going for charity too – if you wish to get Saints Row. Or if Saints Row is not that important to you – you may buy the bundle for as low as USD1)

Then scroll down and choose the predefined or click custom to enter exact amount that you are willing to pay in Section 1.

minimum purchase

Section 2 is optional – you may leave it as it is if you don’t quite understand.
Section 3 is where you enter your email – Once purchased, HumbleBundle will send you an email that contain a link to download soundtracks and generate your gamekey (to download the actual games)

And lastly if you choose to give this as a gift to someone – tick the checkbox in Section 4.


As I bought this for myself – I left that unchecked.

At the most bottom of the page, select your preferred payment method. As I have PayPal – I click on PayPal. However if you do not have a PayPal account – you can still purchase these using your Credit Card (or some debit card that supports these kind of transactions – I know some new Maybank Debit Card have these features)

pay with card

So if you are paying with card – choose the option ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?‘ and just fill in your card details.

Take note that additional conversion charges may apply (not that much, don’t worry – still cheap!)

Once payment is made, you will receive an immediate link to the download soundtracks and page to generate your key (to download the actual games). Bare in mind that the games are downloaded via your Steam account. (If you do not own a Steam account yet – why not create one!)

So that’s it! – It took me a few minutes to purchase, a few days to download all the games (perhaps), and maybe a few months (or years? gasp!) to finish all 7 of these (I’m not a hardcore gamer, I just bought these to show support for the originals and prevent cyber crimes and contributing to some good charities of course! You should too!)

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking…


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    […]Cheap PC Games – Get not 1 but 7 original PC games for as low as USD5.70 (RM17.33) or 6 for $1! « Neato4u's Blog[…]…

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