Tips & Advices – “How things have changed”

I still remember not too long ago I was designated to this ‘special‘ department in this certain company. In this department, there are rules, but for some reason themselves set it loose which the boss permitted – considered the team as one of the specialized elites in the company. I was honored to join them at firstuntil I know them in person.

I must admit, these guys are smart – but only smart to the extent of what they have been doing and the amount of knowledge that they know from the knowledge base systems (plus some Goggling of course, which everyone can do). Although it seems like they are doing somewhat complicated process, these are repetitive works and can be easily obtained by simple direct processes.

These guys doesn’t seem to accept me much into their family. Observing their nature of workflow and standard operating procedures, I suggested something which could improve their processes, increased productivity and efficiency. I don’t expect much from these people, maybe it will just be ok if they could consider it or I will be more than happy if they go to the extent of thanking me for it. But all I got was a few moment of silence and a burst of laugh (from their leader) echoed by his minions, saying that what I purposed was like a “dream come true” and unrealistic. I tried to be professional but these guys also belittled me.

Seeing that they couldn’t be bothered, I moved over to another department which have equal respect and mutual understanding for each others.


A few years later, I met with one of the ‘neutral‘ team member of this elite team (he was one that goes with the flow – hides amongst the shadows of his leaders and peers – he does not have a shadow himself until lately). I was pretty shocked to see this person at a ‘non-elite‘ area so I went up ahead and ask him “what’s up?“. Looking down and with a sad tone he said that the elite team is no more. I asked him “what happened?” and more importantly “what happened to the rest of them?” – He said everyone had to make a choice whether to leave the company, or to accept a ‘lower than average rank‘ desk job because the account got shut down.

out of business
Well, look how fast things changed – especially for those who are arrogant and think they are the best. I always told my son that

“The more you know, the more humble you will become. Because you realize there are more which you don’t know, and there are a lot more people who knows more than you do”
– neato4u

At the same time, I do feel sorry for them and hope they realize that it is useless to be arrogant and nothing’s wrong with being humble.

Another thing – As I am seeing this same situation happen to almost every friends and family of mine when someone got promoted or stepped up the ladder – their confidence level goes up to a level where they too become arrogant and sadly does not realize that they do not listen to anyone anymore – thinking that they are right – thinking that if they can do it, why can’t others do it to? – thinking that they can do it the hard way, others can too. This is a stage where these people receive their “boosters” in life – it’s like feeling on steroids where you have achieved something that is remarkable in your life – Like you have won a race – some sort of motivational boost – and are very proud of yourself that you see (a trickery that) every other person as useless and no match for you.

I call this “pure rubbish“. If others can do what you can do, you won’t be there in the first place you idiot. It is what others cannot do that made you there – and you can’t blame others for not being as good as you – instead for the gift which God have given, you should help and guide them to be a better person. And thank that they are not as smart as yourself – if not you will be down and drowned there forever with those you now think as stupid and useless (when you were once there – yes, remember you were once there – you could be even more of an idiot then they are now).

So be humble and act kind! – treat others as what you want to be treated. Be a normal human being for God’s sake. Think logically and think of others as well. You never know if your act may cause the wheel to turn – one moment you’re at the top, and suddenly you came down hard.

Sometimes you can’t blame others for it…
for you’re the one who caused it.


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