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Product Review – Foxtech Glyder 600 PNP version with Zero UAV YS-X6

January 13, 2013

If you are into Aerial photography/ videography and are looking for a decent platform which can hold and carry your camera – well, read on…

On October 2012, Foxtech has released a new quadcopter frame – which design is similar to the concept of Ecilop by Aleksey. With Foxtech being (really?) the good guy Greg, they claimed that they obtained permission and patent agreement with Ecilop designer for their Glyder 600 frame design which is based on the original concept.

So an RC Group member emailed Ecilop team to ask about this. And they responded with:

We have a condition that if any company uses any technology based on our frame we want them to show Aleksey Zaitsevsky as an inventor. And Ecilop as well as a base model.

ecilop and glyder 600 - who is right and who is wrong

Seeing that Foxtech did mention about Ecilop on Glyder 600 product page – so this is true then. Sadly for the RC Group user who read the email does not understand the content entirely and (in an indirect way) said Foxtech was lying when they did not.

glyder 600 pnp review

Dropping that subject, here comes the real deal… I was one of (or I believe I am) the first to preorder Glyder 600 Plug and Play (PNP) version – and also made a custom upgrade from the standard Naza Flight Controller (FC) to Zero UAV YS-X6 instead. If you are interested to get the PNP version and in dire need to know more about it – come on in for the full review.



Watch Netflix, Hulu, and all other blocked video sites from outside US

January 4, 2013

Here is a simple way to watch Netflix (edit / added : and all other US only video streaming sites) outside of US. There is no need for you to register VPN nor changing DNS nor getting a US IP address or even change your internet settings.


What you need is just your browser. And this method will utilize your full internet speed – not like some VPN which throttles down according to it’s predefined per client speed and some which have download limitation.

@ neato4uThe best is to share, not to keep! And best of all this method is FREE!

Wanna know how? Come on in and read on … 🙂


Xperia Play owners – I think it’s time to sell your device

January 1, 2013

Happy new year everyone (especially to my dearest subscribers, although not many 🙂 ). I just hope that I have more informative content to write about this year and hopefully a broader range of topics. I hate being so specifics, sometimes I get bored a bit too soon.

Well, my phone would also like to wish me a Happy New Year – kamikaze style by displaying static screen – like a TV without antenna.

xperia play screen issue

At first I thought it was a software issue – Since I have flashed a custom ROM but not void warranty (didn’t matter anymore – the official Sony warranty ended last December, WARGH!) as I did not unlock the bootloader – so I factory reset and flashed back to stock ROM. On first boot and a couple of minutes after – everything was normal – until I turn the screen off and turn it back again – just to be surprised by the horror static screen – still being there!

Come on Xperia PlayPlay nice will ya…

So I spent a couple of hours – software side – to fix the issue, but to no success. In the end I goggled and found out that this is quite a common issue with Xperia Play. Due to it’s moving parts (gamepad slider) – this is the common ribbon issue with most slider type phones.

I have not checked how much it would cost for repairs (and how long will it take) – but I will update it here once I know.

As for the rest of Xperia Play owners out there – if your device is still good, I suggest that you sell it off before the same thing happens to your unit. Although it is a good gaming phone, the hardware on the Xperia Play is simply outdated. It’s even outdated during its first launch. And now with quad cores leading the market, with faster GPU and bigger RAM – the Xperia Play with 1Ghz single core, less than a GB RAM plus it’s ridiculously small internal storage is just … just ..

I don’t even have a word for it. Just avoid it unless you really want the built in gamepad.

The common used price for Xperia Play should range around RM400. Brand new ones are around RM600+. Just an idea if you plan to sell one… or buying one. There should be some selling @ Just head over to the Garage Sales -> Mobile Phones and Related Accessories section and hopefully you are in luck!

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