2013 fever – Not dengue but Viral Fever!

OK so doomsday didn’t happen (I didn’t believe them – according to Al-Quran there exists a series of unseen events yet before apocalypse) but one thing for sure happened to most of us in 2013 is the viral fever. I had it, my relatives had it, my families had it, my friends had it.. have you got it yet?

2013 fever

Yes it was so bad that I got dripped at the hospital. I call it the 2013 viral fever and here’s an explanation or symptoms of it :

Signs before 2013 viral fever

– stress pain behind the neck- headaches
– tempreture slightly rose when / during / after sleep
– mouth ulcers / sore throat

The 2013 viral fever

– May feel OK during the day, fever during the night (38°c)
– terrible headaches upon waking up from bed
– loss of appetite- neck pain, terrible headaches
– vomiting
– lack of energy & stamina
– increased heart rate
– when fever is about to gone, it comes back!

How long does 2013 viral fever lasts?

I’d say it’s a new strain of virus (an epidemic one perhaps?) and it’s quite a strong one. Those infected with the 2013 viral fever will at least took a week (7 days) to recover. Lucky enough for children aged 6 and below, their recovery is much faster compared to adults (usually in 1 to 2 days). But I was one of the unlucky ones to have it for 17 days! Although one of my friend told me he had it for a whole month.

What to do if you have the 2013 fever?

I know that if you have dengue – you should eat crab soup. Yes I heard of 100 plus and the sort – those doesn’t work. I had dengue somewhere in the early 2000 where my blood platelet count was down to 3 (I couldn’t remember, but my wife told me this) where my skin turned all black, my poo was black too, and to be honest – I was thinking that “this is it” – my final moment alive.

Until I heard about crab soup. So I asked my mom to cook me one. Within some hours my platelets counts increased, and within 2 days I was discharged from the hospital.

So I did the same with 2013 viral fever and asked my wife to cook me crab soup. It does helped by booting my energy for the day – I think I actually went outside a few hours after my meal. But this was another strain of virus – although the crab soup did helped a bit, the fever was still there — and within another few hours, I was bedridden again.

Visits and visits to the private clinic became useless. I have no idea what happened to the quality of private clinics in Malaysia nowdays. Are they run by dropouts Doctors who is just there to gave you panadol when you get a fever? Yes, I was given an actual panadol that I could buy from 7 eleven which is just a walk away from the clinic. I was not even given any antibiotics by the Doctor!

The sad truth now is that most private clinics had lost their quality and capabilities to properly recover patients. If you are sick, go to the hospital – government hospitals. You can see REAL Doctors there.

So yes, if you have a 2013 viral fever, go to a government hospital immediately.

So yes, finally I went to the hospital and the good Doctor there said I had a viral fever. “Your blood is dirty” – Hm, I should be safe from vampires then. “Drink a lot of water to flush it out” – But isn’t a blood transplant better? Urm, come to think of it, that’s isn’t necessary as of yet. The doctor also said to EAT. “Although you have lost your appetite, you must eat. If you don’t, the virus will be at the top of the chain. It’s not you anymore..”

I was also given an antibiotics called KORTA or some sort. I’ll try and snap a pic and update it here later. But I think the antibiotics created a numb feeling on my tongue – which cause tasteless food. This is what I think… although what I really feel is that I still am a little bit sick, but recovering… and it has been 21 days already. No more fever, appetite is slowly coming back. Fatigue is still around.. but alhamdulillah everything is getting better.

I have also discussed about this 2013 viral fever with one of my old friend in Kementerian Kesihatan. Unfortunately this seemed common to her. Heck, I don’t know much – but this “all of a sudden me and everyone infected with the same stuffs” is really a new strain of epidemic virus (although I don’t know how epidemic it is, it is spreading like crazy in Malaysia).

And no one does nothing about it?

“Well, it’s not deadly – that’s why we didn’t care much about it”

So I went out to fly some FPV – it made me feel better a bit (before I crashed, lol).


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