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FPV For Dummies

May 17, 2013

This article was re-edited on 28/5/2014 and again on 17/8/2015 as some info were incorrect, links were missing, and added new product recommendations that I consider is better and cheaper.

Dream of being a pilot but too old to make it? Or are you afraid of heights? Perhaps that excruciating ear pain on your last plane ride turned your dream down?

Still wanna be a pilot? Well, Alhamdulillah thank God that you lived in today’s world (time travellers, the year is 2013 by the way) and thank to the available technology we have right now, you can make your dreams to be a (well, virtual) pilot come true just by controlling a Radio Controlled (RC) aircraft with your video goggles on.

Wanna know how it feels like? Here’s one of my videos…

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But excuse me, is this the guide of FPV for Dummies?

No, sorry.. I’m just here to show off my videos and make you guys jealous. HA HA HA.. well of course IT IS! You arrived at Neato4u’s Blog which motto is “The best is to share, not to keep!“. Not only I will show you what is needed to get you start FPV the easy way – I will also try to make everything sounds as easy as possible (it is really easy ‘to get started’, believe me).

So what are you waiting for, get in and have a read! Don’t worry you can thank me later 😉



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