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Malaysia 2013 Haze – 24/06/2013

June 24, 2013

This was taken on 23rd June 2013 Sunday @ Petaling Jaya where the air pollution index recorded a reading of 157 leading to the announcement for schools to be closed on 24th June 2013 (Monday).

20130623_184003Haze picture on 23rd June 2013

However, I just received notification from school that they are opened tomorrow. Although I am glad that my kid can go to school again, but I found it weird because the air pollutant index for today is higher – reading of 198 which is nearing the ‘very unhealthy’ rating.

Malaysia Haze 2013Haze picture on 24th June 2013

The pollution index goes up but schools is back open? So 157 is not safe, and 198 is safer?


This is what happens when you made your kids angry

June 5, 2013




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