Play Angry Birds Go on Nexus 7

It is simply irritating when you have a great device like the Nexus 7 and yet you can’t download Angry Birds Go! because “this item is not compatible with your device“?

Nexus 7 incompatible with Angry Birds Go solution

I mean, what the heck? The Nexus 7 for me is a gaming tablet! With NVIDIA Tegra 3 that runs on Quad Core processors (not the 2012 version) – see also my review here – it is more than capable to run this silly game. Come on Angry Birds Go! now you’ve made me angry! How can Rovio do this? Do they have some grudge over Nexus or something. Even my ancient Single Core Sony Xperia Play and Dual Core China Lenovo phone is on the supported list! Screw you Rovio! 😛

Well, let me tell you something. Angry Birds Go! does run on Nexus 7. If Google Play denied you access, pop up your tablet browser (I suggest Chrome or Firefox) and enter “angry birds go apk” Find the result from android mob and download the apk (It’s quite large but not huge). Then just open to install.

angry birds go for nexus 7

Update : I tried mine with result from theandroidapp and this one worked. Just download the apk and install. Data will be downloaded over wifi / 3G. Runs great on Nexus 7 – but my wife said the game seemed a little bit too ‘technologically advanced‘ for her (maybe she compared this with the original Angry Birds) 😛

At first I wanted to host the apk on my dropbox, but not sure if Rovio would be happy about this (I mean, they SHOULD be happy of me promoting their game to ‘unsupported’ device that actually supports it!). But hey, you guys can give me a thanks by dropping a comment or subscribing to this blog 🙂

how to run angry birds go on nexus 7

Update : And here is the Angry Birds Go! running on my Nexus 7.


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