Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT) Review

Recently Hobbyking have launched a $29.90 (exclusive of shipping) FPV Goggle or formally known as the ‘ Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)‘. It is the cheapest FPV goggle so far on the market. But by cheap, does it comes good as well?

quanum fpv goggle review

When this product first came out, thousands of RC enthusiasts wanted a piece of it. And within a day or two after it was launched, the product was out of stock.

I was one of the few (lucky?) ones to get the first batch and had my dirty hands all over it . So, considering the light-weight price of $29.90, is this Goggle worth it? Well.. come on in to read my review and be a smart consumer!

item arrived

I ordered some other stuffs along with the Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set via EMS. Shipping from Hobbyking took a week to arrive in Malaysia. Packaging was good as usual. There was a ‘fragile’ sticker sticked to the box considering the FPV goggles were made of foam so some accidental squish may crack it to pieces. So in terms of shipping and packaging, so far it is okay.

packaging of quanum fpv diy goggle

The Quanum Goggle was inside it’s own little packaging box.

contents of package

Opening it up reveals some black foams in two halves. Some items in clear plastic, and another small white box.

detailed content of quanum fpv goggle

Once I went through everything, this is what you get.

A pair of black foam (for you to DIY and construct a casing for Goggle)
-a 4.3inch monitor with jst power cable
– some focusing / fresnel lens
– and some other DIY things like straps, screws, and soft foam to complete your DIY Goggle.

quanum fpv goggle epp foam

If some of you are wondering, what else do I need to make this goggle work? Here is a short list :

RCA Audio / Video cables
The Quanum Goggle accepts 2 video input via the yellow and white wire. There is no audio input as there are no build in speakers on the monitor. Red wire from Goggle accepts a DC input via bullet tip.

Any 3S lipo with jst connector
(Quanum comes with a jst input cable to power up the Goggle). Based on web spec, it may be powered up via a 2S or 3S lipo, but I only tested this with 3S and it works fine.

A video receiver to receive your video transmission.
This vary depending on your setup, and you will need a power source for your video receiver as well (or mod so both can share)
If you are starting up with FPV, read my FPV For Dummies guide!

video receiver

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT) – The GOOD (and some okays) The BAD and the UGLY!

What’s good about this stuff apart from it’s dirt cheap price?

The GOOD – EPP Foam housing
Well, for me the EPP foam that constructs to the Goggle case is okay. It fits to my face and have enough room to stick my nose out at the bottom. In terms of comfort, I cannot say because I have sold this Goggle just minutes after buying it (HA! Read on!) It wouldn’t match those fatshark or AIO / Boscam goggles out there for sure. However those EPP foams are carved well (although mine did have some squint / bended foam maybe due to the heat or pre-bended before shipping hehe) with dedicated slot to hold the included 4/3inch monitor in place.

The okay – Custom Fresnel lens
The lense you have to trial and error, all depends on your eyesight. Like HBK says… there is no clear winner for the fresnel lenses” – Kelfo. This is what one of my friend commented about those focusing lens. Although he did acknowledged that it helped him to achieve better focusing with it.

The BAD and the UGLY – The LCD monitor!
It is bad and oh boy the resolution is UGLY. I have seen cheap monitors around, but I have never seen anything like this before. 

quanum fpv monitor

According to web spec, this monitor is a 480px (w) so it’s 480 x 270 in resolution. So that is pretty darn low. But upon powering it up, I see the DPI or PPI is also darn low. I don’t have a way to measure, but roughly I would say it’s around 128dpi or lower (eg. HTC Evo have the same sized screen but have 217dpi with 480 x 800 resolution) so not only you are dealing with a very low resolution monitor, even the screen is not capable for an average quality display. But wait, that is not all, the contrast ratio is also crap (explained later). Overall, this monitor is very UNDER-PAR and in my personal view “does not fit for FPV purposes”.

quanum fpv goggle review

Allow me to go in detail. First, in regards to resolution and dpi / ppi – When you power it on, you will notice that there are somewhat thick horizontal lines that interfere with your video. Don’t bother adjusting it, that is the cause of very low resolution mixed with very low dpi. Another thing, on the picture above.. do you see those dark areas surrounding the monitor. That is the real black. Have a look at the 4.3inch Quanum monitor screen now – see those black bars on top and bottom. Those are supposed to be black right? See how black it is? This is where the sub-par contrast ratio kicks in. Don’t bother adjusting the brightness to low (and bumping up contrast while you’re at it) because it makes no difference. You can’t see proper black, and everything appears to be over bright. Viewing the monitor at an arm length clearly shows all of it’s bad characteristics – resolution, dpi, contrast ratio… so just imagine when viewing the monitor up close via Quanum moulded housing with those focusing lens up close. Now that is UGLY! 😛

If only Hobbyking ships these with a good 640 x 480 resolution with acceptable contrast ratio, then everyone will be a happy customer. Of course that will bump the price up a bit but it will be worth it. Shipping these with a crappy monitor will just kill those who are new to the hobby (or those who are on a very tight budget). I’d say you are better off buying an aftermarket 4inch monitor or a 7inch (because 7″ costs around RM150 here – that’s about $44)  put on some sun shades and mount it on top of your transmitter –  because you will see a huge difference compared to this crappy monitor display. OR, buy a good quality 4.3 inch monitor and replace the stock that comes with this package if you still want a cheap DIY FPV goggle.

If you have just starting up with FPV and have not bought yourself a goggle or monitor as of yet. I would highly NOT recommend this for you. Even if you are on a tight budget! My unit was sold for less then the original brand new priced item and I even warned my buyer of how bad and crappy this thing is (which he accepted and later told me “resolution is really worse than shitty. Fact is that I am even ashamed to sell this back off to anyone!

Again, if you are on a tight budget, at least get a LCD monitor. I personally would recommend Surveilzone 7″ 800 x 480 (pictured below) that costs around $55 inclusive shipping. It costs a little more, but at least you can use it for FPV! However if you are serious about FPV, grab the Boscam AIO Goggle (also available under Surveilzone.com) or at least a Fatshark Predator (I would recommend Dominator and up for a more better FOV – this is if you are comparing to other Fatshark models, but really, just buy the Boscam – it’s worth it).


So what is my honest verdict of the Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)?
Totally not worth it (not even for it’s $29.90 price tag) stay away!


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2 Responses to “Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT) Review”

  1. Doug McKenzie Says:

    I have just ordered one of these though eBay. I currently use a Flysight Black Pearl 7″ monitor with a Black Mamba 1000 W transmitter. The aircraft is a DJI Phantom 2 and the camera is a GoPro Hero 3 Black. I also use clover leaf antennae and overall I’m pleased with the results.

    However, although I could stretch to a Black Shark or equivalent, I just wanted to see what it’s like to use goggles. I don’t fly with anyone else so I can’t borrow a set to trial.

    I just hope I haven’t completely wasted my money. If I have, I’ll just put it straight back on eBay without opening it and accept a small loss.

    • neato4u Says:

      A real goggle (like fatshark / boscam / skyzone) will have higher resolution = more visual detail, more portable (less bulky), and offer much comfort compared to this unit. I hope you find yours useful but whatever it is, keep on flying 🙂

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