Buying a Redmi – “You are in line”

Since I got myself a Redmi Note, I am so pleased with the performance and built of this budget smartphone. But it’s no ordinary budget smartphone… Instead, it carries quite a heavy specs such as the 8 core (Octacore) 1.7Ghz processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 13 Megapixels front camera to name a few.


Redmi Note is sold for RM507 (around 160 USD) and may only be officially bought online from their site ( However you can’t just go now and buy. Instead, you will need to wait for their flash sale (that usually lasts from a couple of minutes) and make your way through against other online users to grab one.


Announcement of their sales will be via ‘Xiaomi Malaysia’ facebook page. Usually around 12pm. Getting a unit will not take long, but don’t be late as per the official record, 100,000 of their Mi3 unit was sold out within 1 minute and 26 seconds.

So what do you need in order to grab a unit? Either a paypal account or a credit card that works with paypal (as Xiaomi uses paypal as their purchase gateway), oh and let’s not forget, you will need an account with as well.

By any chance that you are stuck during “You are in line” for more then a minute, try registering another account and try your purchase again. Most of the time it works.


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