Phantom 3 FPV lag fix / How to make your Android phones perform faster

Would you like to make your Android phones / tablet performs faster or better?

This post will show you some simple tips on how to do it. Who knows, you might actually unleash the hidden kitten beast that’s been lurking in your Android devices 😉

If you have an Ipad Air 2 or an Iphone 6, you should have good smooth live view / FPV for your Phantom 3. However live view stutters and jerky are the norm if you are using an Android device. I’m using a Redmi Note (an Octa-core, 2GB RAM, Mali-450MP4 GPU) and things can get a little bit ugly for this mid range phone as it’s not that powerful to begin with.

However, I did some tweaks to my Redmi Note and saw great improvements afterwards. Although this is mainly focused on the DJI Pilot / DJI Go app for Phantom 3 live view / FPV – Normal Android users may also get benefit from this tutorial, resulting in a more smoother interface, faster response time on both normal tasks and gaming.

Watch the guide and let me know if this simple performance tweak works.


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