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0% Maintenance tyres

August 16, 2011

The time has nearly will eventually comes where we no longer need to go and pump air into our tyres (no I’m not UK, you may spell it as tires if you want). And I’m not talking about those tyres which have no air inside…

The guys at Goodyear is working hard to develop a new technology called the ‘Air Maintenance Technology‘ (AMT) which equip tyres with small air pumps which will self regulate the air, thus eliminating the need for you to refill these tyres with air – because it will do so by itself!

Oh boy, just imagine how much this is gonna cost ya..

I personally think that it’s going to be a long wait before it’s going to be available for private consumers like us. In the mean time, get your kpi / psi right, because no matter how good your car is.. It is your tyres that will keep it stick to the ground.

Source from Engadget > Here <


Honda City Gearbox issue?

August 12, 2009

If your RPM goes up and down when you’re going uphill, or when you sudden accelerate – that is NOT the symptom of a gearbox failure!

Based on my research, most had their problem solved by replacing their auto transmission ‘clutch’. Yes, the City does have clutch, and within a few years, it will wear out just like any other manual or auto transmission cars.

cvt gearbox

Of course, some Service Centers are just like your ordinary workshops (or worst!) – instead of telling you that it’s a clutch problem, they will just go ahead and say it’s a gearbox failure. To change the technologically advanced CVT gearbox of the City will set you back around RM20K+ or so, and that is really expensive.

Want a cheaper solution? That is the primary focus of this site! So come on in and read more about it…


The Stig failed robbery

June 22, 2009

Source : The Star

SUBANG JAYA: A man dressed like a Formula One driver repeatedly rammed a forklift into an ATM booth at a petrol station, but abandoned the “smash-and-grab” effort after his machine got stuck in a glass panel.

A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) footage showed the man, in an all-white jump-suit and full-faced helmet, speeding towards the station in Serdang Jaya and ramming his forklift into the booth’s glass panel for about 10 minutes. […]


Looks like a Top Gear The Stig fanatics to me. I’d just love to see if Top Gear have anything to comment in regards to this 😛

There had also been a threaded discussion going on at Head on for a fun ‘lol’ time!

Honda City IDSI 3G Steering wheel issue

June 18, 2009

When it comes to today’s world of living, everyone is looking for ways to save money by being economical and finding a cheaper alternatives to everything.

Honda City HDR

Honda City HDR

Well, today I have a very good news for Honda City 3G owners who face the common steering stuck / bite issue with a proven low cost solution.

But before I go on further, some of you may want to know what exactly do I mean by ‘steering wheel stuck’ issue?

Old batches of Honda City (year 2003 especially) have this common problem, especially if you are driving on a near full load or sometimes happens even when the car is stationary.


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