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Play Angry Birds Go on Nexus 7

December 30, 2013

It is simply irritating when you have a great device like the Nexus 7 and yet you can’t download Angry Birds Go! because “this item is not compatible with your device“?

Nexus 7 incompatible with Angry Birds Go solution

I mean, what the heck? The Nexus 7 for me is a gaming tablet! With NVIDIA Tegra 3 that runs on Quad Core processors (not the 2012 version) – see also my review here – it is more than capable to run this silly game. Come on Angry Birds Go! now you’ve made me angry! How can Rovio do this? Do they have some grudge over Nexus or something. Even my ancient Single Core Sony Xperia Play and Dual Core China Lenovo phone is on the supported list! Screw you Rovio! ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, let me tell you something. Angry Birds Go! does run on Nexus 7. If Google Play denied you access, pop up your tablet browser (I suggest Chrome or Firefox) and enter “angry birds go apk” Find the result from android mob and download the apk (It’s quite large but not huge). Then just open to install.

angry birds go for nexus 7

Update : I tried mine with result from theandroidapp and this one worked. Just download the apk and install. Data will be downloaded over wifi / 3G. Runs great on Nexus 7 – but my wife said the game seemed a little bit too ‘technologically advanced‘ for her (maybe she compared this with the original Angry Birds) ๐Ÿ˜›

At first I wanted to host the apk on my dropbox, but not sure if Rovio would be happy about this (I mean, they SHOULD be happy of me promoting their game to ‘unsupported’ device that actually supports it!). But hey, you guys can give me a thanks by dropping a comment or subscribing to this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

how to run angry birds go on nexus 7

Update : And here is the Angry Birds Go! running on my Nexus 7.


Cheap PC Games – Get not 1 but 7 original PC games for as low as USD5.70 (RM17.33) or 6 for $1!

December 1, 2012

How about getting an Original Game ‘Saints Row The Third‘ for USD5.70? That’s RM17.33 after conversion from USD to RM. Sounds like the price of pirated games that they sell locally here.

But wait…

How about getting 7 original PC games for USD5.70? Too good to be true? Well if you are a gamer (or just an opportunist, because if you’re a true gamer you’ve would have known about this deal by now.. hehe) or probably subscribers of this blog – if you read this soon enough, you may get yourself 1.. no, my mistake.. 7 of these amazing games at a crazy unbeatable price of (currently) USD5.70.

Too expensive still? (I have no idea how cheapskate you are then.. lol) Then how about 6 games at the price of USD1? – here’s how.

PC Games at crazy price

First, head on to (Don’t worry you can click on this link, it will open a new tab on your browser) and you will be presented with 7 PC Games that are yours to grab by “naming your price”. This includes Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company Of Heroes, Company Of Heroes Opposing Fronts, Company Of Heroes Tales Of Valor – and why not (if you pay above the average price) get yourself Saints Row The Third as well?

So is it really USD5.70?

The answer is no. One of my friend bought his bundle for USD5.73 – that’s because the average price was higher back then it is now. If you want to purchase all of them (with the minimum or I’d say the best price you can get) – check out the average pricing under the Saints Row The Third cover.

Saints Row The Third free

At this moment of writing it’s USD5.69 – so if you beat the price by adding another 1 cent (shame? why not? lol) so with USD5.70 you will get those 6 bundled games with Saints Row The Third for free!

Take note that at time of writing, offer ends in another 11 days.

Enough already, I want this now before the offer ends!

To purchase, here is what you need to do – first, visit their website and check the average price (and increase it by whatever amount that you like – it’s going for charity too – if you wish to get Saints Row. Or if Saints Row is not that important to you – you may buy the bundle for as low as USD1)

Then scroll down and choose the predefined or click custom to enter exact amount that you are willing to pay in Section 1.

minimum purchase

Section 2 is optional – you may leave it as it is if you don’t quite understand.
Section 3 is where you enter your email – Once purchased, HumbleBundle will send you an email that contain a link to download soundtracks and generate your gamekey (to download the actual games)

And lastly if you choose to give this as a gift to someone – tick the checkbox in Section 4.


As I bought this for myself – I left that unchecked.

At the most bottom of the page, select your preferred payment method. As I have PayPal – I click on PayPal. However if you do not have a PayPal account – you can still purchase these using your Credit Card (or some debit card that supports these kind of transactions – I know some new Maybank Debit Card have these features)

pay with card

So if you are paying with card – choose the option ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?‘ and just fill in your card details.

Take note that additional conversion charges may apply (not that much, don’t worry – still cheap!)

Once payment is made, you will receive an immediate link to the download soundtracks and page to generate your key (to download the actual games). Bare in mind that the games are downloaded via your Steam account. (If you do not own a Steam account yet – why not create one!)

So that’s it! – It took me a few minutes to purchase, a few days to download all the games (perhaps), and maybe a few months (or years? gasp!) to finish all 7 of these (I’m not a hardcore gamer, I just bought these to show support for the originals and prevent cyber crimes and contributing to some good charities of course! You should too!)

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking…

Cheap guide to Home Theater PC (HTPC)

November 12, 2012

I am moving out to a new apartment soon and have been looking forward to set up a budget home theater system. Preferably using the stuffs that I already have to minimize the cost.

Before I start, here are my ‘modern & most demanding‘ requirements :

  • Watch local live TV channels & listen to local live radio stations without antenna
  • Able to play DVD and Blu-ray discs
  • Play both SD and HD videos from my portable hard disk
  • Play high definition audio formats (MP3, etc)
  • Watch Youtube and other online streaming contents
  • Surf the Internet in full fledged desktop format
  • Play advanced PC games via a wireless controller
  • Run Android games and apps
  • must be FAST FAST and FAST!

As this will probably be quite a long article, I will probably segregate it into segments. Hey, at least I don’t burn myself out and you guys got something new to read everyday as well (well, that is IF I manage to update it daily – which is not that frequent anymore.. hahaha :mrgreen: )

It looks like I need a Home Theater PC based on the requirements. While those high ends Android TV’s are cheap and can do most of the stuffs listed above with some limitations. I have actually thought of buying one for myself. However – being a power user, why limit when I don’t have to? 8)

Don’t underestimate the Android MK802, other than running on Android 4.0, with some custom tweaks, it can even run Ubuntu!

Buying a HTPC off the shelf seems to be the most easiest and less headache solution available. Not only it looks great on your TV cabinet, it is also damn expensive as well.. hehehe :mrgreen:

So how do we resort to a (possibly) better and cheaper solution?

Simple, use your existing desktop PC! But wait, will that huge ugly chunk and noisy desktop be placed on top or beside your TV cabinet? It does seems out of place doesn’t it? And placing it there will lose you the ability to use your desktop PC as a standalone device (in the case of connecting display straight to your LCD / LED / Plasma (not recommended) TV). And in some cases, your desktop’s worth more than a dedicated HTPC ๐Ÿ™„

Would you like to know a way which you can keep your original desktop setup (like the picture below)?

… and still able to run a dedicated HTPC on your big TV?

I am not talking about the standard hooking the CPU display to both your computer monitor and your big screen TV. That will just result in 2 screen / monitor settings. Although this is OK for some, but what happens.. let’s say you want to use the desktop for some web browsing, and the kids want to watch youtube on the big screen TV. Everytime the clip ends, you need to stop whatever that you are doing and click on youtube next video. Plus, you can’t do anything when video is in fullscreen, else it will jump back to windowed mode.. then you hear your kids screaming and before you know it, you’re screaming and pulling out your hair as well ๐Ÿ˜›

So, would you really like to know the way to get around this?

I’ll explain it to you in my next post tomorr… just kidding! I’ll explain it here right now so there is something new that you can learn today and possibly teach others how to do it as well. Unfortunately this is not a free approach (I wish it was free, if by any chance you guys know how to do this for free, share the word!) but it was cheap enough compared to an additional PC / HTPC that fits this requirements.

There are several paid applications (or visualization) softwares available on the internet for this. I’ve come across several but the ‘cheapest’ (review coming soon once I purchased it) is SoftXpand which supports Windows 7 (both 32 and 64bit). It is currently priced at USD49 for its Windows 7 version.

How does it work?

Simple. In term of hardware – Leave your standard desktop as it is – just connect another pair of keyboard and mouse (wireless preferably), and connect your TV from PC HDMI port (or VGA out if you do not have HDMI). You need to have 2 display cards for this. But the norm are 1 built in and another PCI-E graphic card on most PC – that will suite the requirement well. If you want another dedicated audio out, you may want to purchase a cheap USB soundcard too.

Pictured above is my planned setup for ‘the cheap guide to HTPC’. That little keyboard like thing is the Cideko Air Keyboard. It is a wireless keyboard and also an air mouse. You basically wave the device and your mouse pointer will move accordingly (uses a gyro to track movements). This little thing retails around RM199 currently found @ Digital Mall (possibly cheaper @ Lowyat plaza). Considering a full fledged wireless keyboard and mouse costs around the same and not suited for HTPC, this one here is the chosen one ๐Ÿ™‚

It is wise to use an USB hub and place it near your TV. This way you can attach Cideko’s wireless dongle facing towards you. Also allows easier access to USB so when your friends brought movies stored in their external HDD or thumbdrives, just plug it in and leave that on your TV cabinet. Your friends will wonder on WHAT are you running these on and will start to follow the cable trails… ๐Ÿ˜›

Now back to the software side.

SoftXpand cleverly splits your PC into 2! So whatever you do on your current desktop system does not effect what you do on your HTPC. You can even play multiplayer games between these two if your hardware is capable.

So there you go – for around RM350 / USD110 you can get yourself a HTPC that is capable to play HD videos, surf the internet, play advanced PC games (with multiplayer options), probably hook up a webcam for living room Skype video call, do all sorts of things that you can do on your desktop PC…

And also run Android apps and games.. which I will cover in my future blog (seriously!). Not to mention about the other requirements (watch local live TV and radio channels on your PC / HTPC). So stay tuned and subscribe by filling up your email on the form that’s located at the right side of this blog. Basically (it looks like below and around) here ->

Not subscribing? That’s okay.. I put this up for myself really (because I’m a bit forgetful) ๐Ÿ˜€

Game Consoles of all times

January 28, 2012

From 9gag of course

4 free games for Xperia PLAY owners

December 25, 2011

Yep you heard it you lucky owners of the Xperia Play (or does this offer drool you to actually own one now?). It seems that Sony has teamed with EA to offer Xperia Play owners access to 4 exclusive game titles for free.

Not bad. And these games are pretty high end as well – considering Xperia Play is a Playstation certified device, it deserved these.

So if you have one up, head on > HERE < to check how you can get these exclusive titles for free.

But hurry, offer ends on 15th January 2012. So download now, rip those apk off and save the data files somewhere so you may reinstall these again whenever you like in future.

Angry Birds? No.. Angry Bots

July 30, 2011

The guys at Unity Technologies have done a great job in showing what Android can really do with their awesome Angry Bots demo.

This is a full 3D demo game, available for free on the Android Market. It’s playable on the HTC HD2 (with some lags of course, well even the X10 lags playing this), but those with SGS2 or other high-end Android devices would appreciate this as well. Graphics are superb, and of course, the rest of the world anticipates more of this kinda stuffs in the near future.

Jump in to see more screenshots and some gameplay video.


Android Games : O2 Jam Analog

July 24, 2011

Back in 1999, I was so addicted to this casual rhythm-matching game (it was too long ago I can’t remember what’s the title of this game anymore) where you need to push keys that would match with the song that’s currently playing. It was a PC platform game, and every once and then, some of my office colleagues that’s working on ground floor would sneak upstairs to our technician room and challenge us for a ‘battle’. I won of course (lol, don’t worry, I’m still a non pro compared to some of you out there). Then came the online version O2 Jam developed in South Korea by O2Media, which became so popular during my student days..

Now am I glad that they’ve made a version for Android users, the O2 Jam analog (not quite sure what’s the ‘Analog’ in this?)

There is quite a requirement needed before you can run this game. The HTC HD2 can handle this of course, but I feel it could perform better on newer native high-end Android phones out there. Let’s do a quick review of this game, and of course, the link to download is available as well (I know you wanted this!). So here goes…


Old school MMORPG ‘Outside’

June 22, 2009

Anyone tried it before?


Well searching, I found this awesome F2P mmorpg game. Basically you take the role of a normal civilian, whose story and life depends on the actions you choose.


Free Area 51 PC game

June 18, 2009

Well, look what I found, a free legit copy of PC game Area 51.

PC game Area 51

These used to cost RM117 back in the old days, now they are offering this for free – although I have no idea why and too ignorant to find out the catch behind this ๐Ÿ˜›
However, I do not know how long this will last, but if you are craving for a First Person Shooter (FPS) game, better GRAB it fast!

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