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Maxis #Hotlink free internet (basic internet) and how existing Hotlink users upgrading to free internet.

October 7, 2013

Looks like the hype is all around Maxis with their new offering of #Hotlink free internet for new (and existing – if you upgrade) prepaid users.

hotlink basic free internet

Before you go “YAY!” or “At last!” – first you got to know that this is a free BASIC internet, so the speed is capped at 64kbps maximum. What is 64kbps or how fast is 64kbps you may ask? Simple – take example this page which you browse right now @, this page has an estimation of 1.8MB total data to fully download and render it properly (on a full fledged desktop format) which will load 1 second on a 10Mbps broadband connection or roughly 3 seconds on a 5Mbps broadband (not bad right?) – however this same page will load in 3 minutes 44 seconds on a 64kbps speed offered by #Hotlink (okay you can ‘YAY’ now) 😀

But what’s there to complain when it’s FREE? I don’t know about you guys but for me I personally think it’s rude to complain when people give you free stuffs. But then again, is this really free?

Well, it’s free for those who purchased the new Maxis #Hotlink starter pack that cost RM8.80. The starter pack comes preloaded with a RM5 airtime and is set for free internet capped at 64kbps maximum speed. But of course, the new pack have new tariffs as well that have its own high and (mostly) low perks..

WAIT! What about free internet for EXISTING hotlink prepaid users?

For existing Hotlink prepaid users, yes – you too can enjoy free internet IF you upgrade to the new #Hotlink free internet package. To upgrade, dial *108*25# from your existing prepaid line (although I do not have any subscription with Maxis nor Hotlink anymore) – I am unable to try and confirm this from my end. I do heard that some users are facing error saying “Maaf, pelan yang anda pilih tidak sah, Terima kasih” (Sorry the plan which you choose is invalid) in which case I would highly suggest that you dial *100# and check or choose the option to upgrade manually.

Before you upgrade, WAIT!

Have a good read before you upgrade (I know free things are really tempting, especially if you are a Malaysian :P) – By upgrading you will lose your Activ10, Hotlink 5, Hotlink 10, Validity 90 and Validity 365 subscription and benefits (if you have any). If you plan to upgrade to #Hotlink free internet and THEN purchase Validity 365 OR Activ10, well… you just can’t because based on their FAQ, these services are not supported because.. I quote “the proposition of #Hotlink is FREE Basic Internet (kiss your 365 and other money savings bye bye!)  Also, by upgrading – you are now bound by the new package plan and tariffs which is 12sen / 30 seconds (per 30 seconds charging block) for both voice and video calls, and 7sen / SMS applicable to all local networks. Not to mention a minimum of RM30 / month to keep your account active.

So that is a point to ponder and see if you are on the winning side or the losing side. If you are an existing subscriber of Activ10 and use it very frequently, you’re gonna lose quite a lot, especially when Activ10 offers 15sen / minute and 1sen / SMS (same telco). Or if you are an existing 365 subscriber with very less usage, you are going to lose more as you NEED to regularly top up now with the new #Hotlink free internet plan. That’s RM30 to keep your line active for a month, nothing lesser than that.

For your reference > The normal Hotlink prepaid plan comes with 20sen / minute and 5 sen / SMS to same telco or 30sen / minute and 10sen / SMS to other telcos (if you reload more than RM10).

However, if you did not opt for those subscriptions before, it is a good deal to upgrade your package to the #Hotlink free internet plan. If you need the internet for free and ready to upgrade your call and SMS tariffs and lose those said privileges for good of course…

OK I am all set for free UNLIMITED internet, WAIT, **** it’s NOT UNLIMITED???

Who ever told you that it’s unlimited? Ha ha ha… yes even though you are capped on a ridiculous 64kbps, you are ALSO capped by their UNfair usage policy (FUP) of 3GB per month. Exceeding this will cause your free internet to transform into a NOT-SO-FREE anymore internet. Their FAQ page advice that your free internet will be disconnected – however I doubt this and believe once your phone reconnect it will suck your credits dry. But heck, I can’t believe how one could possibly utilize 3GB on a puny 64kbps connection – having a hard time understanding this? Try loading up a website with a 64kbps and see how long it takes to load, just try and you will understand 🙂 or better (or if you have faster internet speed.. hehe), check out Lowyat review on this by clicking > HERE <

Do I really need free internet?

If you are paying less then RM30 / month for your current prepaid subscription or does not use the internet or feel that it is important to you – from my point of view, it is better for you to stick with your current plan and packages because I feel it is a better deal compared to the #Hotlink free internet. It is free with all the benefits and money saving options ripped off. If you really need to use the internet (and keep using Hotlink), just grab their daily RM1 internet access capped at 100mb or get the RM20 / month for 350mb worth of data – both without any cap in speed (until you reached the limit of course). For more information on Hotlink prepaid mobile internet plans and which suites you best, head over to their website by clicking > HERE <

I am a new #Hotlink free internet user, does this means that all this free mumbo jumbo is worthless??

Well, if you just started and just purchased the starter package – no it’s not worthless (but maybe not the best value for your money). The free internet with 64kbps speed is good enough for WhatsApp and emails (and maybe good on other messaging platforms as well such as Line, WeChat, etc). If you are coming in fresh, you wouldn’t feel that much of a loss than existing users with benefits. For web browsing, try downloading Opera Mini (only 0.90mb in Google Play – assuming you are running on the most used mobile platform which is the Android) and see if it helps (I tried on slow mobile network, it doesn’t help much unfortunately – but hey, you may have different result). And yes, if you have a lot of friends on Whatsapp and have group chats or the sort, then you may probably enjoy the free internet provided. If you think I left out facebook – then yes, maybe I did.. because it was reported that facebook runs super slow with #Hotlink free internet, it is almost useless unless you are productive enough to hit retry retry and retry every now and then.


ISP and Telcos, Hear my voice (err.. or read my texts)

Consumers are getting brighter these days and are more computer / IT literate then it was several years ago (You need to remember it’s no more focused on Generation X that are very forgiving and respectful!) . Spooning them with a 64kbps FREE internet will just ruin their mobile internet experience (especially for users who did not use or experience mobile internet before). Offering a platform for free is a good step, but offering a platform such as these (in my own personal view) will just make it a platform for new internet users to curse and tell others how BAD #Hotlink is. Just imagine an excited never before use a mobile internet, purchased a #Hotlink starter pack that says “FREE INTERNET” – firing it up for the first time and trying to load using their default browser, then typing in something to perform a web search – waited for a minute while anxiously staring at their browser white background for the result to come out only to see that… it timed out.

I had similar experience before when Celcom came out with their data only prepaid plan. It was cheap (I can’t remember how much I purchased those but I believe around RM25 or so – it was considered very cheap back in those days) but it ended up in me throwing their SIM card out of the window several hours after purchase because the speed was so ridiculously slow that I can not even load Celcom help page to check what’s going on (reception was good btw). I believe there will be similar users like me who’s going to throw their new #Hotlink out of the window too when they have a taste of the speedy 64kbps connection. Even worst, that feeling will leave a mark in their heart – yes not only mark of frustration, but with #Hotlink embedded all over it. It’s a scar for life.

I hope some good telco come up and offer their capped speed just good enough for good simple browsing and image loading. 64kbps is a joke and all around worthless. Unless we live in the early 90s where most websites are greatly texts and images are very optimized for page loading (whoops, don’t go venture into that personal Geocities page if you can’t wait!) and the people can afford to WAIT for pages to load (most people can’t even wait for a site to load if it’s more than 10 secs). I would say a 128kbps or a download speed of 15-20kb/s is the bare minimum that every ISP and telcos should go about when throttle is in place. But of course this will lead to reply that the fact they did not terminate and still offer ‘some’ service should be taken into consideration. Yeah, a consideration of almost non existent of the internet for sure.

The conclusion

My view of the #Hotlink free internet is a rip off of all the other benefits which Hotlink offers to it’s existing prepaid users. By adding the word ‘free‘ it catches a lot of attention. And by giving it away for ‘free’ – I am a bit heavy hearted to complain, so I will just say “this isn’t the best value for money“. If you really need internet, just purchase it – It’s not that expensive anymore, especially if you are only using it for simple browsing and messaging – Other telcos such as Digi offers RM18/month for a 300mb data and 30days validity (with unlimited surfing via Opera Mini), Umobile offers RM18/month for 250mb data with free 25mins free calls and 25SMS to all networks. Even Hotlink provide these but are expensive at RM20/month with 350mb and nothing else (no freebies no extra minutes calls no nothing). Which is why I have personally ported out from Hotlink a few years back because I find that their prices are not competitive when others can offer and beat their services. Sometimes it is better paying for something that works then getting free stuffs that doesn’t… or is it most of the times? LOL…

Do you know that you can keep your mobile number and port to other telcos as well? Read my porting experience > HERE < It offers a lot of consumer choosing powers for sure.

However, if you have purchased or still intent to purchase #Hotlink free internet, I would highly recommend that you go through their T&C below and have a really good read on the limitations imposed (eg. no torrenting!!)

For me? I am JUST A BIT happy with my Umobile mobile broadband (when it works, and you better pray that it works!)


Gangguan air Negeri Selangor 30 August 2013 – Selangor Water Interruption

August 30, 2013

This article was written in Malay as it involves a local state wide incident. My apologies to English only readers and subscribers.


Saya baru dimaklumkan bahawa 3 loji air terbesar di Selangor telah ditutup ekoran kejadian tumpahan minyak yang berlaku di Sungai Selangor awal pagi / tengahari tadi.

Say dapati sejak dari jam 5pm tadi, bekalan air telah pun dipotong di kebanyakan lokasi di Petaling Jaya. Antaranya kediaman kami sendiri yang terjejas akibat insiden tersebut.

Kesahihan maklumat ini telah dikuatkan dengan kenyataan tidak rasmi salah seorang analisa kimia di salah sebuah loji tersebut. Bekalan air telah dipotong sejak tengahari tadi.

Walau bagaimanapun tiada maklumat tentang gangguan ini didapati dari laman web Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd.


Setakat ini tidak diketahui sama ada situasi telah beransur pulih atau semakin serius. Akan tetapi saya syorkan pada semua penduduk Selangor agar jimatkan penggunaan air yang tinggal di tangki air kediaman masing2 dan gunakan air apabila benar-benar perlu sahaja.


Saya sendiri telah ke pasaraya untuk membeli sedikit bekalan. Khabarnya insiden ini mungkin berlarutan berhari-hari lamanya.

Agak pelik kerana sehingga waktu ini tiada apa-apa berita atau pengumuman rasmi mengenai insiden ini di mana-mana media massa.

Kami berdoa agar situasi kembali normal dengan segera dan akan maklumkan pada semua sekiranya terdapat perkembangan dalam insiden ini.

Update :
The issue lasted for several days and it was highlighted in media shortly after this article was published (in written web form and full blown tv and radio mainstream media afterwards). Some places were severely affected (eg. PJ) but within a day water supply was restored even though it was low pressured. However when our month end water bill come, it shot up quite a bit despite the cut off supply and low pressured water for a couple of days. Not sure why this happened, but alas the bill was just around RM10+ (good thing we lived in Selangor). Congrats to all who made this a fast recovery, especially when millions of peoples is at stake. At least we can count on our water department sector. I gave them a thumbs up!

Xperia Play owners – I think it’s time to sell your device

January 1, 2013

Happy new year everyone (especially to my dearest subscribers, although not many 🙂 ). I just hope that I have more informative content to write about this year and hopefully a broader range of topics. I hate being so specifics, sometimes I get bored a bit too soon.

Well, my phone would also like to wish me a Happy New Year – kamikaze style by displaying static screen – like a TV without antenna.

xperia play screen issue

At first I thought it was a software issue – Since I have flashed a custom ROM but not void warranty (didn’t matter anymore – the official Sony warranty ended last December, WARGH!) as I did not unlock the bootloader – so I factory reset and flashed back to stock ROM. On first boot and a couple of minutes after – everything was normal – until I turn the screen off and turn it back again – just to be surprised by the horror static screen – still being there!

Come on Xperia PlayPlay nice will ya…

So I spent a couple of hours – software side – to fix the issue, but to no success. In the end I goggled and found out that this is quite a common issue with Xperia Play. Due to it’s moving parts (gamepad slider) – this is the common ribbon issue with most slider type phones.

I have not checked how much it would cost for repairs (and how long will it take) – but I will update it here once I know.

As for the rest of Xperia Play owners out there – if your device is still good, I suggest that you sell it off before the same thing happens to your unit. Although it is a good gaming phone, the hardware on the Xperia Play is simply outdated. It’s even outdated during its first launch. And now with quad cores leading the market, with faster GPU and bigger RAM – the Xperia Play with 1Ghz single core, less than a GB RAM plus it’s ridiculously small internal storage is just … just ..

I don’t even have a word for it. Just avoid it unless you really want the built in gamepad.

The common used price for Xperia Play should range around RM400. Brand new ones are around RM600+. Just an idea if you plan to sell one… or buying one. There should be some selling @ Just head over to the Garage Sales -> Mobile Phones and Related Accessories section and hopefully you are in luck!

Umobile Bad Customer Service experience

October 27, 2012

I just got off from calling Umobile customer service via +60183881318 and experienced talking to (not one but) TWO of the most rude customer representative of all times (yes they beat the rest of the telcos out there, congratulation!).

Very frequent downtime of Umobile made more unhappy subscribers

I have no time to search for their customer support / complaint email address yet – so I will just rant these first on my blog because the big guys have to teach their tiny representatives some manners!

First, the incident – starting from 10pm 26/10/2012 onwards, I was not able to reload credits on my Umobile prepaid account. Upon trying and trying to key in the reload number, I got the error response above and also another response saying “Sorry we are unable to process“. This downtime has been happening more frequently these days, with some days even with total loss of ability to make outgoing calls.

I wonder why mobile internet still works when the rest has failed. Mobile internet on the other hand has been doing good with very rare downtime (for now).

So, with this downtime going on – I managed to successfully reload a RM50 credit to my prepaid. As such, receiving the confirmation that RM50 has been reloaded and also the usual SMS saying “Free calls & SMS activated valid until…” so I tried reloading some more money.. to ensure I have sufficient credit for the auto renewal mobile broadband purchase.

If some of you are asking why I am so desperate to reload for this auto renewal thing, it is because of this additional 250MB data promotion that’s been going on. Here, I even got an SMS promo from Umobile about it…

Umobile additional 250MB promotion for auto renewal of mobile broadband

So I was a little bit pissed off as my expiry date is tomorrow! And the fact that I’ve just reloaded with RM50, it doesn’t appear in my credit balance when I checked via *118*8#. So being an active consumer, I went ahead and called Umobile customer service (exactly 10:53pm) and got through to a male representative.

There’s also a website about it > here <

I have no idea how Umobile trained their reps but they TALK TOO MUCH until they leave no space for you to talk and finish your sentence. How can you help when you don’t even know what my real problem is? These guys stopped me at the middle of my sentences, and blurts out assumption and excuses and wait.. all I wanted is a solution, why are you not giving me that?

The rep doesn’t know a thing about this 250mb additional data and provided me false information instead of a postpaid plan whereby if it is auto-debited then a 250mb additional data will be given. I call it BULL.. and did ask the rep where is the logic in having enough credit to get this reward if it is auto debited or on postpaid? He took some time to browse through the Umobile site for 2 minutes or so and then found out what I was talking about.

Just say “I don’t know” or “I will check it out” as “I have never heard of this before” to be honest. Giving false information in the act of fleeing doesn’t solve anything!

Fed up of the representative who doesn’t leave me with any space to talk, I calmed him down and said “Could you please stop and give me some space to talk so I can explain” and for a moment, he did, but I can feel deep inside that this person is ultimately impatience (chasing after his AHT or what I have no idea) and I truly felt a bit of anger in him (being in customer service for more than 12 years reward me with a sixth sense in telephony aura, lol) , when I was talking explaining and all of a sudden I heard a click and the line got disconnected. The call lasted for 9minutes and 9seconds.

Oh the RAGE!

I don’t mind if I was being a prick if that happened, but I was talking real nice and slow and respectfully when this particular agent (I can’t even remember his name) got pissed off and cut the line off!

I immediately call customer service again and a representative named “#a#i#” answered the call. I immediately said that I want to lodge a report in regards to the rude customer service experience that I had on my previous call.

Instead of acknowledging the request, this rep asked what is my problem? Thinking that he wanted to know some background to the story, I re-told the story only to be cut off half way by this rep too. At some moment I had to stop him before he went to far assuming. Focusing on my reload issue, I must say that I got a bit sidetracked on the ‘rude report’ I had earlier. When I asked for a ticket number, this particular rep said that their system is down. I queried if they have an offline ticketing tool and he promptly said “No”.

So I was again annoyed to the fact that there is no official tracking system that I can use to refer. Leaving that sideways, the rep then told me my prepaid mobile subscription will only expire on 28/10/2012 (not 27 as displayed on the SMS I got above, and also when checking *118*2*3#)

Getting more annoyed (but still nice, hey it’s RAYA mood still right) I told the rep that I wanted to speak with a supervisor. He responded “there are no supervisors during night time” so I asked who is in charge and he said “no one”. I feel like this orange now – simply OUTRAGEOUS!

I told him now it is just his words against my words because I can’t see what he see on his system (and that my resources are pointing to 27th instead of 28th). I asked him what would happen if it expires on the 27th?

“No way it will expire on 27th”

I asked again, what IF it expires on the 27th?

“I believe that you don’t trust me?”

For GOD sake, it is not a matter of trust. I can’t be going on hooking up on customer service IF it does happen, and all the hassle for everyone to listen back to these calls (to listen how rude and cold these reps were to me), and the fact that I need to WASTE my TIME just to get an additional 250mb worth of data that I am eligible but MAY not apply due to an issue which caused by the company itself?

Getting furious, I demanded for an ap0logy from the rep in regards to my previous (rude behavioral) experience on my previous call. He answered “I think there were no records that you called” – So I responded back “You think?” – I head straight on and demanded for someone to call me back and apologize for the bad customer experience I had.

Bluntly this #a#i# rep responded…

There is NO promise in customer service

And that ticks me off for good. I told him “I am gonna quote you on that, because that is ultimately wrong!” So I can spread the word that UMOBILE does not PROMISE ANYTHING to it’s paying CUSTOMERS for it’s offered SERVICES?

Sensing that I am starting to get angry but still persistent because I have no official form of referral as of yet, the rep said “If you don’t have anything else, I have to do some other work”

“Are you chasing me off? If that is the case I will file a report in regards to you too #a#i#”

In a trembling suppressed anger tone “Go on, report!

“Are you challenging me?”

At this point I lost faith in all of Umobile customer service representatives. I tried my level best to be professional, toned down, and be direct to the point – but these guys kept stopping me halfway, assume way too much before they hear the whole story, and sad of all, giving excuses instead of solution.

I am going to play the game then and see if my mobile internet really expires on the 27th or the 28th as this rep during the conversation, told me multiple times to just quote his name if I have issues with the expiry or renewal. I have no idea how big a name he has, but a name is UNOFFICIAL! Every call should be logged and documented on a ticket. Where is my #u©<!n ticket?!!

I want to hear from the rest of you guys your personal experience with Umobile representatives, whether it is good or bad. Prior to this I had an OK experience, but this one (two) sadly throw everything down the drain. I am down to the verdict that Umobile have the WORST customer service representatives in Malaysia.

Will WhatsApp Messenger be a paid application?

September 25, 2012

My WhatsApp Messenger account has again been automatically renewed to 05/04/2013. Although it still says “Free trial” … from my personal point of view, it will not and never become a paid app.

Reason is simple. It has too many subscribers! With it’s cross platform that works on Android, Iphone, Blackberry’s and all.. most of my friends and families which have unlimited mobile internet have WhatsApp installed on their smartphones. It’s a great application to send text and images, not to mention location, audio, and even short videos.

By converting this to a ‘paid app’ it will instantaneously cripple and result in almost 100% lost of their subscribers.

Just like the other day when WhatsApp was down for maintenance …

Me and most of my friends started downloading and switched over to Viber! And now Viber is a keeper to us all. It works pretty much the same as WhatsApp, easy to add contacts by identifying those that’s already on your phone contact list.. which makes the “what’s your ID?” obsolete and useless.

So WhatsApp, why don’t you just stop with the “Free Trial” joke once and for all. You know that you can’t get this much of subscribers if you changed it to a paid app. If you really need money.. (like to support your server bandwidth and all) how about some advertisements for some money instead? That would be a good idea, as long as those ad’s doesn’t really suck our bandwidth or go on full screen or something until it disturb from using the app normally. We like the ad to be super small if possible (or no ad at all if ever! Make it stay as this!)

For those who didn’t try WhatsApp yet, get it > here < from Google Play.
And why don’t you get Viber as well > here < just in case if WhatsApp is down again? 😉

Get rid of your voicemail if you don’t use it!

September 23, 2012

As promised in my previous post, I’ll run away from RC stuffs and focus on something more common. Like how to save your family or friends from being unknowingly robbed by your mobile provider or telcos. Now take note why I didn’t say ‘save yourself‘ instead? Heck, the telco’s arent that stupid to rob money directly from you! But unknowingly (indirectly that is), they use YOU to MAKE money from your family, from your close relatives, from your close friends.. from anyone that calls you.

How they do and get away with it? Well, it’s all via those pesky voicemail service. To be plain simple, if you don’t use it – get rid of it to save others from being robbed! Why and how? Well read on and I’ll explain …


Bye DiGi, I’m switching to Umobile

February 5, 2012

Before I begin, here is an updated bad experience with Umobile Customer Service representative that I have labeled them “the WORST customer service representative in Malaysia

So it was a horrible journey with Maxis (Hotlink), and I started off as one happy user of DiGi for quite some time ago (almost 2 years if I’m not mistaken) – all these were done via porting Mobile Number Portability (MNP) that allows me to keep my current number no matter to which telco I switched over to.

So before I switched over, allow me to write down some good, fun, and bad, sad, horrific stuffs that I’ve experienced whilst I was with these telco’s for all these years.

Maxis Hotlink was the most expensive start up prepaid pack I have ever bought – this was back in the 90’s and I still keep this number up until now (which shows how much of a good person I am, heh). In between, I have also used Celcom Prepaid, and Celcom Prepaid mobile internet (they come up once with that cheap package, which is worthless and I regretted, and hated it so bad that I threw the card away when it’s still full of credits) but let’s keep all of that aside, and let’s talk about Maxis Hotlink first.

Back in the 90’s, the most used service (for me) was SMS followed by voice calls. Voicemail was turned on of course (because the telco doesn’t make money from it YET – read about it here and I shall reveal my experience). Everything went better than expected. Service and coverage was good, as long as everything works as normal…

But then, when something does goes wrong – No matter how hard you screamed for help, no one will actually save you from disaster. What you do is you wait until the suffering is over, alone… Yes, and this is exactly what happened to me over and over again when I was with Maxis Hotlink. There was once where I wasn’t able to send SMS for nearly a week (SMS was sent, but not received at the recipient end), until I had to buy another SIM card just to send the SMS (that time MNP was not available yet). I couldn’t make calls, but received them without issues, my credit was wrongly deducted and had to wait for more than a week to get a refund (happened more than once), and let’s not talk about the pathetic millions of SMS spam I receive on a daily basis.

Talking to their customer support every time seemed like me going to war. It doesn’t matter how I say it, I will either get no help, or plain gibberish from them – either they don’t understand what my problem is, or I don’t seem to know how their answer would fit into the issue – but one thing I know is that they are not providing any solution to me whatsoever.

But still, I continue to use the ridiculously expensive Maxis Hotlink although I knew there were other cheaper alternatives out there, just because I ‘think‘ Maxis is one of the big players, and if I stay with one, I will be OK.

Now that is where I am wrong.

So next, comes the era of mobile internet. Maxis Hotlink is expensive. I was lucky that my company was paying for the bills. Internet was good, speed is fast – when it’s normal. When it’s not, prepare to die because there is nothing you can do about it.

Frustrated, and getting bald with poor customer service of Maxis Hotlink, I made up my mind and switched over to DiGi.

I honestly was very happy when I first ported to DiGi. It took me under 24hours to get my number ported which was a very good first impression (well done DiGi). Whenever I had problem and called their customer support, I feel like I’m really talking to another human being instead of a puppet scripted robot! Heck, no need for the formalities and stuffs, all your customer need is for you to solve their problems (trust me I know after being in customer management for so many years) and I must say that

DiGi has the best customer support agents that bring value to their business

So why am I porting out from DiGi if they have the best customer service? Simple, it’s NOT their customer service then. It’s their service!

Remember their advertisement “At DIGI, consistency rules?” well yeah, for a while. Then quietly it’s gone? Speed is not what it’s used to be, wghich was unlimited previously (and they amended this quietly as well). I was one of the lucky last to have my usage capped to a pathetic 100mb per day (RM15/week mobile internet package) usage? Seriously, what can I do with 100mb? I watched some youtube for half an hour and there goes all my bandwidth for the day. Throttled to a puny 128kbps? Heck I think it’s lower than that…

Then there’s this coverage issue. I was getting strong 3G / HSDPA signal before and now I’m getting weak 3G which sometimes drop to EDGE in the same exact spot as it used to. What happened? Towers got robbed or something? And internet on 2G network is close to none. I have no idea why but based on checks with a few of my friends, if network switches over to 2G, just consider that the internet has died.

Then SMS spams starts to get in. Either from those 5 digit CP numbers or personal numbers which have been bought to spam, yes, they have too started to notice DiGi and making good use of their networks. DiGi was very good in preventing these sort of spams before, but now I’m feeling that ‘Maxis Hotlink’ feeling again.. (that means tonight’s NOT gonna be a good night for you DiGi!). Issue not able to send nor receive SMS, not able to call out.. Not to mention my SMS appeared like twice or even 3x when I only send it once to a recipient. No I didn’t bother to check my credit, feel free to rob me.

So bad coverage, not that good anymore mobile internet – although much lighter on my wallet than Maxis Hotlink, I finally made up my mind to switch to Umobile and got this SMS tonight…

The process took me 4 days.. (and not completed as of yet, my old SIM is still active) which started off quite not that well (especially with recent news on 2nd Feb about Umobile nationwide outage) that made me think “Am I making a good decision by porting to Umobile?” – and even few of my friends were complaining that Umobile customer service is close to nonexistent! Because they can’t reach them most of the time (heck, why all of the sudden urge to eat Nandos at this hour)

Well whatever it is, I’m not looking for telco which can impress me (if they can, it will be good), but (this will serve as an advice to all telco’s out there) just a telco that is reliable, making sure to keep their promises as advertised, and have a ‘solution’ to their customer’s issue (instead of giving excuse). Umobile was hit once with outage, and I respect how they responded back by apologizing and giving away free unlimited SMS and free data allocation for it’s subscribers.

Incidents happen, but when they do, make your customer happy and remember about the good service instead. I always look for opportunities in incidents and escalations, when something goes wrong and you do your best to provide a ‘solution’ to it, that is where complaints may become compliments instead.

Earth global warming almost at the end?

January 22, 2012

This global warming need to stop. And it actually does not matter if we contribute to stop it by turning off our air-conditioner when we don’t use them or not.. it simply DOES NOT MATTER because it’s the big corporation that’s making the heat.

I believe you will be scared after watching our earth heat map below…

Although there are statements that whatever we do does not contribute to global warming, but it’s the earth itself that’s getting warmer. The earth core is building up heat… how much longer do we have before it reaches meltdown?

The most important question is, if NASA knows about this, I am sure the US and other countries government earth observation or whatever earth department that they have MUST know about this as well. The real question is what are they doing to prevent this from happening? Is it just simply “oh we found a way to reach Mars by just 6 months journey” so they can abandon earth when the rich found no way else to make money from it?

I care about the earth, as much as I care about my kids. It is a home for our kids to grow. I don’t want them to live in bunkers or some underground facilities just because the climate is too hot for humans anymore. That is..

if we still have a future…

Have a look at the video on NASA website > HERE <

Back when I was a kid, I always dreamed of going to the future. Now what I really want is to go back to the past…

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