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Product Review – SoftXpand Duo 2011: Cheap HTPC with SoftXpand

February 21, 2013

As previously mentioned on my ‘Cheap guide to Home Theather PC (HTPC)‘ post – Here is my unbiased honest product review of the key product which makes this all possible…

The SoftXpand 2011 Duo by Miniframe.

SoftXpand 2011 Duo

– The cheapest Home Theather PC (HTPC) –

If you already have a powerful desktop, there is no need to buy another. Especially if you plan to buy a dedicated HTPC which support the latest games with high end graphics – these things are small, but are very much expensive and will require quite an amount of time to setup.

So how about a $0 cost to get yourself a HTPC? I am talking about the hardware that you requires. Reusing your home / gaming desktop computer hardware will cost you nothing! And in turn, the more powerful hardware you have, the more powerful your HTPC going to be! Now I am going to be honest and more specific here when I say $0 cost for hardware – this is just the HTPC itself – not including the monitor / TV, the speakers, the keyboard. mouse, and other peripherals. Got it? Ok, now that it is clear (so you don’t feel cheated) – I am going to tell you the key item which will save you big bucks in getting all this done (plus realizing the $0 hardware cost) – let me present you the SoftXpand Duo 2011.

– What is SoftXpand Duo 2011? –

As quoted from their website “SoftXpand 2011 Dou is a software product that enables two (2) users to work on a single (1) computer simultaneously.

I guess that’s the best and simplest answer to it. However, here is my long winded detailed answer below :

I see SoftXpand Duo 2011 as a powerful visualization software (for those familiar with virtual machines it is like VirtualPC, VMWare, etc). But what sets it apart is that it really turn your PC into 2. All you have to do is plug in another monitor, plug in another keyboard and mouse – and there you have it, another PC that you can use. The best part is that (based on my personal experience) there are no slow downs in performance at all when both PC is at use – and what REALLY sets it aside from the rest is that I can play games in full resolution running simultaneously on both PC without any noticeable loss in performance! Now that’s the real deal.

Here in this post, I will not only review the product, but will also guide you how to setup (don’t worry it’s easy!), show some real life applications using SoftXpand Duo 2011, and how we can use it for our cheap HTPC project 🙂

SoftXpand Duo will turn 1 PC into 2 – so it does not necessarily be a HTPC setup. You just need an extra set of peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers) to make this possible. But because I will be using my 40″ LED TV – that is why my setup is tailored more to HTPC.

So come on in and read on (there is also a Youtube review!). The best is to share, not to keep!



Watch Netflix, Hulu, and all other blocked video sites from outside US

January 4, 2013

Here is a simple way to watch Netflix (edit / added : and all other US only video streaming sites) outside of US. There is no need for you to register VPN nor changing DNS nor getting a US IP address or even change your internet settings.


What you need is just your browser. And this method will utilize your full internet speed – not like some VPN which throttles down according to it’s predefined per client speed and some which have download limitation.

@ neato4uThe best is to share, not to keep! And best of all this method is FREE!

Wanna know how? Come on in and read on … 🙂


Cheap PC Games – Get not 1 but 7 original PC games for as low as USD5.70 (RM17.33) or 6 for $1!

December 1, 2012

How about getting an Original Game ‘Saints Row The Third‘ for USD5.70? That’s RM17.33 after conversion from USD to RM. Sounds like the price of pirated games that they sell locally here.

But wait…

How about getting 7 original PC games for USD5.70? Too good to be true? Well if you are a gamer (or just an opportunist, because if you’re a true gamer you’ve would have known about this deal by now.. hehe) or probably subscribers of this blog – if you read this soon enough, you may get yourself 1.. no, my mistake.. 7 of these amazing games at a crazy unbeatable price of (currently) USD5.70.

Too expensive still? (I have no idea how cheapskate you are then.. lol) Then how about 6 games at the price of USD1? – here’s how.

PC Games at crazy price

First, head on to (Don’t worry you can click on this link, it will open a new tab on your browser) and you will be presented with 7 PC Games that are yours to grab by “naming your price”. This includes Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company Of Heroes, Company Of Heroes Opposing Fronts, Company Of Heroes Tales Of Valor – and why not (if you pay above the average price) get yourself Saints Row The Third as well?

So is it really USD5.70?

The answer is no. One of my friend bought his bundle for USD5.73 – that’s because the average price was higher back then it is now. If you want to purchase all of them (with the minimum or I’d say the best price you can get) – check out the average pricing under the Saints Row The Third cover.

Saints Row The Third free

At this moment of writing it’s USD5.69 – so if you beat the price by adding another 1 cent (shame? why not? lol) so with USD5.70 you will get those 6 bundled games with Saints Row The Third for free!

Take note that at time of writing, offer ends in another 11 days.

Enough already, I want this now before the offer ends!

To purchase, here is what you need to do – first, visit their website and check the average price (and increase it by whatever amount that you like – it’s going for charity too – if you wish to get Saints Row. Or if Saints Row is not that important to you – you may buy the bundle for as low as USD1)

Then scroll down and choose the predefined or click custom to enter exact amount that you are willing to pay in Section 1.

minimum purchase

Section 2 is optional – you may leave it as it is if you don’t quite understand.
Section 3 is where you enter your email – Once purchased, HumbleBundle will send you an email that contain a link to download soundtracks and generate your gamekey (to download the actual games)

And lastly if you choose to give this as a gift to someone – tick the checkbox in Section 4.


As I bought this for myself – I left that unchecked.

At the most bottom of the page, select your preferred payment method. As I have PayPal – I click on PayPal. However if you do not have a PayPal account – you can still purchase these using your Credit Card (or some debit card that supports these kind of transactions – I know some new Maybank Debit Card have these features)

pay with card

So if you are paying with card – choose the option ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?‘ and just fill in your card details.

Take note that additional conversion charges may apply (not that much, don’t worry – still cheap!)

Once payment is made, you will receive an immediate link to the download soundtracks and page to generate your key (to download the actual games). Bare in mind that the games are downloaded via your Steam account. (If you do not own a Steam account yet – why not create one!)

So that’s it! – It took me a few minutes to purchase, a few days to download all the games (perhaps), and maybe a few months (or years? gasp!) to finish all 7 of these (I’m not a hardcore gamer, I just bought these to show support for the originals and prevent cyber crimes and contributing to some good charities of course! You should too!)

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking…

Goodbye Picnik..

January 23, 2012

One of the best online image editor is finally going to hit the dust..

But wait… according to CNET
And until its demise, Picnik’s premium service is free, and its premium subscribers will receive full refunds

So for those who wants to drive Picnik premium service, go ahead to the website before it shuts down on 20th April 2012.

But of course, being Google (lol) – I am sure they will just replace Picnik with some other awesome tool integrated into Google+ or so. Google is just like trying to monopoly everything on the internet. Well, I don’t think we will mind much, as long as it’s free.

If you’re looking for other online image editing sites, I’ve previously covered about this before. So head over > HERE < to read more.

Rage comic maker

December 12, 2011

With all the meme’s and troll faces on the internet, I believe some of you have funny stories and would love to create them in rage styled comics as well. If you think that it’s hard …

Well, it’s actually very easy with this online tool. All you need is your browser that’s flash capable  (Ipad users, stay away.. lol).

Head on to

Desktop / Laptop / Android / Iphone wallpapers?

September 27, 2011

Well here is a great site to share with all of you. Great that it is free, have tons of HD wallpaper images, and best of all it comes in multiple resolutions!

So you can have the same wallpaper on your desktop, laptop, (yes not forgetting dual monitors!) and your smartphones as well.

Head over to >

Tembok ‘Yakjuj & Makjuj’ terbuka?

September 24, 2011

Assalamualaikum. Saya tertarik betul dengan Ustaz Shukri Harun ni.. bukan saja kuliah-kuliah yang disampaikannya berkait rapat dengan zaman kita pada masa ini, malahan sikap beliau yang terus menerus mengkaji dan membentangkan perihal yang pada saya ‘up-to-date’ membuatkan ramai jemaah tidak terhangguk-hangguk semasa kuliah 😉 Pun adalah di antara ustaz-ustaz yang moden (banyak mana sangat ustaz yang bawa iPhone dan iPad ke mesjid untuk refer masa beri kuliah) dan saya pun seronok juga melihat teknologi digunakan dalam perihal yang baik-baik begini.

Mengikuti kuliah-kuliah yang disampaikan oleh beliau dalam beberapa minggu ini, menyentuh bab yang agak hangat diperkatakan iaitu mengenai ‘Yakjuj & Makjuj‘. Mengikut kajian dan penelitian beliau, Yakjuj & Makjuj telah pun bebas dari penjara ‘tembok’nya. Senang kata, bumi dah tua, kiamat dah hampir (malahan pada zaman Baginda Rasululllah s.a.w pun baginda nyatakan “usia bumi ketika itu ibarat seorang tua yang sudah bertongkat“). Jadi marilah sama-sama kita perbanyakkan amalan, gunakan kelebihan-kelebihan yang ada pada kita (teknologi, internet, dsb) untuk perkara-perkara yang mendatangkan manfaat dan kebaikan. Kerana samada kita masih hidup atau tidak semasa Dajjal memerintah, semasa semua penduduk bumi dalam kesusahan dan kepayahan, semasa kiamat.. itu semua tidak pasti, kerana yang pastinya adalah kita semua bakal menemui mati (ajal, maut).

Untuk bacaan lanjut – sila kunjungi

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