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Track data usage on your Windows Mobile phone

August 27, 2009

Based on my last post regarding Hotlink mobile internet prepaid – I found this software by SPB which track your Internet usage on your mobile.

track your internet usage

I personally have not tried this yet, but it would be a great tool to have – especially if your service provider charges you a different rate when you have exceeded your download limit as it provides a notification so you can manage your usage better.

Click HERE to download – there is also a video review included.


Games (Emulator) on Samsung i780

August 18, 2009

I know some frustrated Samsung i780 users out there that are limited by the number of games which the device can run (and playable). Not only because of it’s square screen size (320 x 320) which is not a standard for most Windows Mobile phone, but also because of it’s missing physical navigation keypads! (yes ok you can cry now I understand).

Still, there are tons of games which you can play on the Samsung i780. These includes Nintendo, Sega, Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, etcs – by using an Emulator software.

morphgear emulator on realvga i780

The emulator software allows you to map navigation keys to the Samsung i780 physical keyboard (although it’s a bit stiffy but hey it works!) – with only one minor drawback… Samsung i780 were designed in a way that it only recognize one keypress at a time. So basically how can you run and jump at the same time if the Samsung only capture one keypress even though 2 keys were pressed simultaneously?

That’s where this software comes in handy…


Audio Notes Touch for Windows Mobile

August 6, 2009

I had this nifty application on my Palm Treo several years ago which can record audio on a press of a button. Now that I have a Windows Mobile based phone, I came across Audio Notes Touch that does the same thing.

Audio Notes Touch

It comes with an Iphone like interface with a very clean black GUI. I found it to be a bit incompatible with the Samsung i780 mouse as it leaves some trailmarks across the screen during interactions (however, I do have RealVGA installed, so it could fall back to that) – but of course, it’s just a minor issue and you could always use the touchscreen to navigate.


Skype works great on Samsung i780

August 6, 2009

I did some test with Skype the other day and it worked great with WIFI on the Samsung i780 with RealVGA installed.

skype on windows mobile

Oh, in case you do not know, Skype is a Peer2Peer (P2P) application that allows you to chat via text and voice – just like your normal phone, to another Skype user.

The only issue I had was not able to change the ringtone (which is capable on PC platform) 😛

Come in to read my basic review and download the application for free on your Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.


Record phone conversations automatically on your Windows Mobile

July 29, 2009

The guys at XDA-Developers had done it again. Although there were numerous other softwares which can automatically record your phone calls – they lack one important feature, which is to record the other party conversation in non-speakerphone mode.

auto call recorder for windows mobile

Well, this one does it without you turning the speakerphone on. And it works very well with the Samsung i780 (as well as other WM devices out there!)


Official Youtube for Windows Mobile

July 28, 2009

Now I may not be the first to now this (and I am sure I am not the last either!) – but Youtube had officially released a Youtube viewer for the Windows Mobile platform.

youtube for wm

Previously I have been using those ported apps from HTC devices to watch Youtube videos. It does work, but there are some drawbacks such as slow buffer speed, not-so-good picture quality, and stuffs..


Remote Desktop in Windows Mobile

July 24, 2009

What happen if you only have 1 PC at home, and both you and your wife need to use it at the same time? Well.. if you have a Windows Mobile device, both of you can (sort of) use it simultaneously via Remote Desktop.

remote desktop windows mobile

Here’s how…


Use your Windows Mobile device as a webcam

July 24, 2009

Although webcams are not expensive these days, but hey.. one of the focused things on this website is ‘to save more money!‘. And if you own yourself a Windows Mobile device – here’s how you can turn that into a PC webcam device (and yes, keep all the cords aside as this works via WIFI as well! – so that makes it better than a real webcam?!).

phone as webcam

Any Windows Mobile phones should work with this, as well as Symbian phones.


Disable the Virtual Keyboard on Windows Mobile

July 22, 2009

The virtual keyboard really helps and often automatically pops up when you click on any text field in Windows Mobile. But when you have a device which already have a physical keyboard, it’s annoying how these virtual keyboard pops out automatically and distract your view by decreasing your view space of the actual documents or applications.

disable virtual keyboard windows mobile registry hack

Of course, there are softwares which you can install to disable this, but I still prefer the easy and clean reg tweak. Here’s how you do it.


Skyfire – best Windows Mobile browser

July 8, 2009

If you are a heavy surfer on your mobile like myself, you might want to grab hold of a freeware (at this time being) called Skyfire.

skyfire in action 1

It works great on the i780 – and RealVGA really add spice to it by allowing more details to fit with it’s 96dpi hack.


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